Washington State Lawmakers Considering Taxing Medical Marijuana

Washington State Lawmakers Considering Taxing Medical Marijuana

Washington State Representatives Ross Hunter and Reuven Carlyle introduced a bill earlier todayTaxing-Marijuana that would establish a tax rate on medical cannabis access points within the state, that would be equal to 25 percent of their total sales.

Currently the state doesn’t accept taxes from medical cannabis access points, besides Seattle which passed a licensing and regulation measure in 2011.

The new bill, which will get a hearing in the coming days, is sure to prompt a deep discussion in the state.

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  • Audrey
    February 7, 2013

    Great good for these guys. Because people with medical conditions do nothing but sit around all day and do nothing! Shoooooot, their other medications aren’t expensive they should be taxed more too!*

    *denotes extreme sarcasm. May you never have loved ones who get ill. ONE LOVE

  • linda conroy-alber
    February 17, 2013

    i thought medical marijuana was tax excempt. the value of pot has dropped…the idea of a huge tax base is based on the fact that it was NOT legal. The market is flooded on the west coast….everyone has it for sell. Price went from 4000.00 a lb to barely 2400.00 a lb or cheaper. the underground market is destroyed as i once knew it. Good luck on what is to come….

  • Marijuana Doctors
    April 16, 2013

    Thanks for sharing this great info about medical marijuana. Taxing this medical marijuana may take a while before it gets passed.

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