Washington D.C. Residents Can Now Officially Apply to Become Medical Cannabis Patients

As of yesterday, residents of Washington D.C. who have a qualifying condition can now officially apply to become a medical cannabis patient, authorizing them to legallyMedical-Leaf possess a small amount for personal use, which they’ll be able to purchase from a handful of dispensaries that are in the process of opening. The first of those dispensaries – Capital City Care – stated in a recent announcement that “We’ll be opening our doors at the dispensary as soon as the first approved patient rings the bell..” Capital City Care will be opening just a few blocks from the White House.

The application can be found by clicking here. The licensing fee will be $100, or $25 for those who are financially challenged. Individuals may also become a caregiver for another patent, which authorizes them to possess and transfer medical cannabis, but not consume it. Patients applying for a license must first receive a written recommendation from a physician.

The opening of the application process is a huge step in what has been a years-long struggle to bring medical cannabis to the district, which began in 1998 when voters in D.C. became some of the first to pass medical marijuana legalization – it was promptly blocked by congress, before being overturned just a couple years back after advocates fought for over a decade to have the law implemented, just as the voters wanted.

Although advocates should be excited and proud of this victory, there’s still a long way to go. “We’d like to see some of the restrictions eased, such as allowing home cultivation and allowing a greater range of qualifying conditions”, Allen St. Piere, Executive Director of NORML, stated to us, “[we need to] make sure that the government doesn’t arbitrarily determine the marketplace by limiting the number of dispensaries – let the market decide that!”


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  1. I still believe that cannabis should be legalised globally and that they can’t be selling the cause of cancer, which is ciggarettes and not be selling the cure which is cannabis. People need to be educated on the herb and I have made it my mission to become actively involved in the legalisation of cannibis. I am now an activist that want to serve the cause of the legalisation of cannabis. I have done lots of research on the herb,and it is just wrong that this tree of wonders be held from the ill that needs it. My mom’s a fine example of someone that could have benefitted from the herb but unfotunetelly for her she’s far to long on her tablets that if she were to stop now from using her normal meds she’d be like a drug addict that get’s sick and relapses. So ya I am pretty much against the system. I want the herb legalised, the legalisation of marjuana has already taken place in four different states in america,and with my help S.A’s nxt.


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