Washington D.C. Legalizes Cannabis

Votersdc in Washington D.C. – the U.S. Capitol – have legalized cannabis, approving Initiative 71 with 69% of the vote.

Initiative 71, which will take effect after a 60-day congressional review period, will legalize the possession and use of up to two ounces of cannabis for those 21 and older, going a step further than the recent City Council-enacted decriminalization of up to an ounce. The new law will also allow for the private cultivation of up to six cannabis plants.

Although the initiative doesn’t allow for the distribution of cannabis through cannabis retail outlets, the district’s Council is currently considering legislation to do just that.

According to district financial officials, a legalized cannabis market would be worth over $130 million annually in D.C.


37 thoughts on “Washington D.C. Legalizes Cannabis”

  1. wisconsin needs to get with it they won’t even help the sick injured and dying let alone give out citizens their right to enjoy marijuana recreationally.it makes me sick.

  2. I hope they legalize it in Miami Fl soon so it could help all the ppl tryn to fight the pain of cancer i lost my brother to cancer 7 month’s ago and i know how much pain he was in and if marijuana was legal maybe he wouldn’t have suffered with so much pain, it’s time to think about all the sick ppl out there that live in pain every day just like my brother did till the end.

    • I’m telling you! Damn if the Presidential state can get legalized what’s really going on they should legalize it everywhere!!!

  3. need to legalize it everywhere so we can get our country out of debt.And besides all that there is a lot of other things out there that needs to be addressed other than marijuana. Marijuana has never killed anyone…and in most cases makes the world a better place to be.

  4. if Obama is gonna start slamming out Executive Orders, his FIRST ONE BETTER be LEGALIZING MARIJUANA FEDERALLY & REMOVING IT FROM THE SCHEDULE 2 NARCOTICS LIST, DAMN WELL BEFORE he starts green lightning illegal immigrants, giving them citizenship and the legal right to complete for jobs!

  5. I don’t know why it isn’t legalized everywhere. It would provide substantial tax returns for the states, and give much needed funds to schools. Government will give in sooner or later… Why not just go ahead and get it done?


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