Washington D.C. Council Approves Cannabis Decriminalization Proposal, Heads to Mayor

Members of the Washington D.C. Council have given final approval to a proposal to decriminalize the possessionpolicymicpic of up to an ounce of cannabis; only one councilor (Councilmember Alexander) voted in opposition. The proposal now goes to Mayor Vincent Gray – who’s in support of the measure – for consideration.

Under this new law, the possession of up to one ounce of cannabis will no longer be a criminal offense, but instead will become a $25 ticket. Current D.C. law finds the possession of any amount of cannabis a misdemeanor with a potential 6 month prison sentence.

According to recent polling, 75% of those in D.C. are in favor of cannabis decriminalization, with 64% also in favor of legalization.

Once signed by the mayor (which is expected to happen quickly), Council Bill 20-409 will take effect after a 60-day congressional review period.


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