Washington Attorney General Vows to Use “Every Tool at His Disposal” if Trump Attacks Legal Marijuana

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson says he will do everything he can to defend the state’s legal marijuana system.

bob ferguson
Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson

“Attorney General Bob Ferguson has vowed to use every tool at his disposal to ensure that the federal government does not undermine Washington’s successful, unified system for regulating recreational and medical marijuana”, his Communication Director Peter Lavallee tells us.

This means potentially filing a lawsuit against the federal government if they decide to attack marijuana businesses or consumers that are following state law (though Lavellee points out that the attorney general’s office doesn’t represent individuals in their legal cases).

For many in the cannabis industry this will come as good news, especially considering Ferguson has already had success challenging the Trump Administration in court; a lawsuit he filed was successful in placing a block on the president’s travel ban. The block is still in place following a ruling from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

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