Washington Measure to Stop Marijuana Patient Discrimination in Workplace Receives Public Hearing Date

Just days after being filed, a measure to prevent medical marijuana patients from being discriminated against in the workplace has received a public hearing date.

House Bill 1094 would take the progressive step of prohibiting employers from “refusing to hire a qualifying patient, discharging or barring a qualifying patient from employment, or discriminating against a qualifying patient in compensation or other terms and conditions of employment because of the qualifying patient’s: (1) Status as a qualifying patient; or (2) Positive drug test for marijuana components or metabolites.”

A public hearing on this measure has been schedule in the House Committee on Labor & Workplace Standards at 8:00am on January 26th. The hearing is open to anyone of any age; if you’re supportive of this move and happen to be in the Olympia area, this is the perfect opportunity to make your opinion known and to stand up for a worthy cause.

House Bill 1094 was filed by State Representative David Sawyer with the bipartisan support of eight cosponsors; Representatives Kirby, Stonier, Condotta, Appleton, Farrell, Frame, Macri and Klob.

Although the measure still has a long way to go before being passed into law, being scheduled for a public hearing so quickly is a good sign (after all, the majority of bills filed each session never receive a hearing, which is a required step before being voted on).

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