Washington Legislature Passes Recreational Cannabis Reform Bill, Governor Inslee Expected to Sign

Washington’s Senate on Saturday voted 36 to 7 to approve legislation that would make changes to the state’s recreational cannabis market, includingcannabud removing the three-tier tax structure in favor of a single excise tax. The vote came a day after the House of Representatives passed the measure with a 59 to 38 vote. It now heads to Governor Jay Inslee.

House Bill 2136 would remove Washington’s three-tier tax structure on recreational cannabis (25% on the producer, processor and retailer), and would replace it with a single 37% tax which would be paid at the point of sale at retail outlets.

To encourage jurisdictions to allow cannabis businesses, the bill directs the state to share revenue from cannabis sales only with cities and counties that allow them to occur.

The proposal also allows counties and cities to reduce the current restrictions limiting cannabis outlets from being located within 1,000 feet of a childcare centers, public park, transit center, library or arcade.

In addition, House Bill 2136 prohibits cannabis vending machines, clubs and drive-thru facilities

Governor Inslee is expected to sign the bill into law.


11 thoughts on “Washington Legislature Passes Recreational Cannabis Reform Bill, Governor Inslee Expected to Sign”

    • It doesn’t. Maybe read the bill before you comment on it?

      “Beginning July 1, 2016, the tax levied by RCW 82.08.020 does
      not apply to:18
      19 (a) Sales of marijuana concentrates, useable marijuana, or
      20 marijuana-infused products, identified by the department of health
      21 under RCW 69.50.— (section 10, chapter 70, Laws of 2015) to be
      22 beneficial for medical use, by marijuana retailers with medical
      23 marijuana endorsements to qualifying patients or designated providers
      who have been issued recognition cards;”

      • I did read it, and nowhere in your copy and paste reply does it say medical patients are exempt from the States 37% excise tax..

        • They’re not exempt from the excise tax, but do you think you’re not already paying the tiered tax in the retail prices? 37% is much less than a 25% 3-tiered tax.

          • RV

            Being a medical patient I will continue to purchase from my preferred medical dispensary as long as possible , or until they all close as is now planned by Seattle’s anti-cannabis Mayor Murray .Murray apparently intends for patients to lose their medical access at anytime by going even further than the States regressive Republican sponsored medical dispensary closure law by pushing Seattle dispensaries closure date forward.

            I’m pretty confident the recently announced lawsuits by three very prominent State attorney’s, being prepared to be filed soon against the State will at the very least force an injunction to SB 5052 taking affect and first stop dispensary closures by Murray and later the State itself.

            I’m curious curious why Mayor Murray chose not to go the way of Vancouver BC’s Mayor and have the city of Seattle regulate it’s own medical marijuana dispensaries ? If Vancouver’s Mayor went to the mat to protect his cities sick medical patients and regulate the dispensaries to remain open contrary to Canadian Federal law why didn’t Murray stand up for Seattle’s sickest medical patients as well ?.

            I never intend to pay these taxes. It’s not an economic matter for me either, it’s ethic’s. Something seemingly in short supply in 2015 Washington

  1. i was told Ohio is going to pass recreational use 1st then medical-is there any truth to this or should i continue preparing to move to another stare

    • Danny,

      I live in Washington and I am also looking for another State which cares about patients. That’s become more difficult as practically every State I’d otherwise consider moving to (and would like to live in) are also trying to legalize and then peddle State Rec. weed from cartel stores.

      I am not for prohibition. I voted to legalize and continue supporting nation-wide legalization efforts. I take issue with a Washington’s politician’s killing-off our voter passed 1998 medical marijuana law so they can force sick patients into their buddies in recreational business’.


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