WA Lawmakers Vote to Use Legal Marijuana Revenue to Expand Early Learning

By a vote of 59-38, Washington’s House of Representatives voted today to approve a measure that would direct revenue that might be raised from Initiative 502 to expand early learning.

Parenting Magazine.
Parenting Magazine.

Legal cannabis retails outlets are expected to begin opening next year, baring federal interference, and a large portion of the tax revenue was directed to the state’s general fund, which the legislature has control over.

This vote is the first clear indication that lawmakers are expecting an incoming revenue stream, and it’s the first time they’ve shown any lean towards where they want the money to go.

Putting the funding into early learning, expanding educational opportunities for children, is a great move. Although there are a number of other outlets, like healthcare, that it could of been placed, the education of our children is vital to our society’s future success. On the political side of things, legal cannabis helping to expand educational opportunities is great for the public image of legalization.

The state is expected to raise hundreds of millions of dollars annually if legal retail outlets are implemented.

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