WA Governor Vetoes Hemp Legalization Bill to Punish Legislators for Something Unrelated

Washington Governor Jay Inslee.
Washington Governor Jay Inslee.

In a perfect example of how to improperly run a state, Washington Governor Jay Inslee has vetoed 27 bills – over 70% of all legislation passed by the state’s legislature this session – to punish lawmakers for something unrelated; not passing a budget bill.

One of the measures vetoed by Inslee – Senate Bill 6206 – would have legalized the cultivation of hemp for research purposes, including directing Washington State University to study the plant. The measure was passed unanimously in the House of Representatives, and 48 to 1 in the Senate. Although the governor calls it a “worthy bill”, he vetoed it and says he can’t support it until “a budget agreement is reached”.

The Washington Farm Bureau has condemned Inslee’s actions, calling it an “overstepped power play”.

“Our current governor continues to show an uncanny ability to drive a wedge between his office and legislators,” the Farm Bureau said in a statement released after the governor’s vetoes.

Governor Inslee is up for reelection this November.

7 thoughts on “WA Governor Vetoes Hemp Legalization Bill to Punish Legislators for Something Unrelated”

  1. What the author fails to mention is that the State Legislature wanted to leave so they can campaign in their Districts. In doing so, they failed once again to fund K-1-12 Education, which was their prime directive this session. The Governor immediately called a “special session” (following the veto’s ), in order to make them do one of their primary jobs (children’s education). While I’m an ardent supporter for growing Industrial hemp in Washington. I’m a stronger supporter for educating children. The State Legislature can fix this. The Governor did the right thing. The greed-heads in the State legislature should do their job.

  2. What a sore loser, lol. “Y’all didn’t pass my budget bill so I won’t pass any of your bills” yeah boohoo step down and go cry to mommy :p

    Anyways, the veto can always be overturned with a 2/3 majority. With as much support as this one had, that will probably happen. So he didn’t really do anything except show his colors.

    • Look at what happened yesterday in Montana? Montana is shut (or tried) to close down all of Montana’s MMJ dispensaries. This happened due to a State Supreme Court ruling. I’ve stopped complaining about Washington’s MMJ situation. America has gone NUTS . As long as I’m able to buy the medicine I need in a safe accessible place (that’s tested too), and grow five plants. I’m good.

  3. 48 to 1 sounds like there is plenty of votes to Overide the Governors veto. Next election sounds like he needs replacing as well.

    • Before someone else says something stupid because they don’t follow the news. The Governor called a special session immediately upon vetoing the bills. Why override a veto when all that’s needed is the hicks in the Washington State Senate pass an education bill the MAIN purpose of the session.

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