WA Bill to Legalize Cannabis Cultivation, Shutdown Dispensaries, Unanimously Passes Senate Committee

WA Bill to Legalize Cannabis Cultivation, Shutdown Dispensaries, Unanimously Passes Senate Committee

Washington State’scannabisthc Senate Commerce and Labor Committee has given unanimous approval to Senate Bill 5519, a proposal to legalize cannabis cultivation for everyone 21 and older, while shutting down dispensaries and reducing the amount of cannabis a patient can possess and cultivate.

Senate Bill 5519 would combine the medical and recreational cannabis systems by phasing out collective gardens and dispensaries beginning summer, 2016. To accomodate these closures, the Liquor Control Board – which would be renamed the Liquor and Cannabis Board – would be directed to increase the number of licensed cannabis retail outlets, with these outlets given the opportunity to apply for a medical cannabis endorsement indicating that they’re knowledgeable in the use of medical cannabis (employees would be required to attend a Department of Health-approved class to receive the endorsement).

Qualified patients would be given the opportunity to apply for a waiver to receive cannabis tax-free, with low-THC cannabis products being tax-free without a waiver.

The proposal would legalize the personal cultivation of up to six cannabis plants for everyone 21 and older. The bill would simultaneously decrease the amount of plants a patient can cultivate from fifteen to six, though they could apply for a waiver from the Department of Health to cultivate more. The amount of cannabis a patient can possess would be reduced from twenty four ounces, to three.

A similar proposal that wouldn’t legalize cannabis cultivation and would establish a mandatory patient registry – Senate Bill 5052 – has already been approved by the full Senate.

An alternative proposal was recently introduced – House Bill 2058 – which would provide defined arrest protection for patients without reducing possession limits, and would allow dispensaries to become legally licensed with the state.



  • dirk diggler
    February 17, 2015

    Fuck that ! And fuck uncle Sam too trying totake my weed from me. He already took our guns!… Come on ppl we want 15 plants and 1.5lb possession.

    • smith
      February 17, 2015

      what in the world are they trying to do, I don’t even use this but what do we need a permit to wipe our,,,,,,,,, now, comeon this is wrong, they just will want money for the waivers , and who are they to make a person give out personal info as to regester your self, why not put a dog tag in my ear ,,,,,,really , fire the senate , burn the bill ,,,,just sayin

  • Cannabis Med Patient
    February 17, 2015

    Why is it ignorant people want to combine medical and recreational?
    Do they plan on letting the liqueur control board run the pharmacies too?
    Recreational and medical need to be kept separate.

  • Moses
    February 17, 2015

    So does that mean ots legal now to grow 6 plants?

  • Anonymous Mx
    February 18, 2015

    This is a huge setback to patients. Why would I, a patient with specific needs for aliments such as arthritis in my spine, muscle spasms and other pain want to go in to a stoner store to get my meds? There is NO consideration or respect for patients in the bill. I am a brown thumb and could never grow any plants successfully. Like letting me grow a couple plants is going to fix all the made up problems they seem to be pulling out of their pansy asses. Mixing recreational with medical is a bad idea. It is obvious the legislators have NO idea what they are doing. I’ve heard that Colorado did it right, and I hear that Oregon is doing it right. Why the hell is WA so ignorant and stupid? I agree with Cannabis Med Patient… keep ’em separated! I just went to my local coop/dispensary and found out the state not only told them they have to pay taxes from Jan 1 forward, but oh-by-the-way, if they want to stay in business, they can pony up $1million in BACK taxes too. Shit like this gives regulation a bad name. I want my Mx regulated in the safety and quality departments, but not in my ability to seek and find the right medication for my specific needs. Looks like I’ll be going to Oregon A LOT in the future. Thanks for nothing WA state gov’t.

    • t
      February 18, 2015

      I agree with where you stand and have many friends who medicate with cannabis, my only disagreement with your statement is calling recreational stores “stoner stores”. It’s kind of offensive to me. I smoke recreational cannabis and I’m not a “stoner”. Saying it the way you did kind of makes it sound like you feel like only medical patients are responsible smokers. If that’s not how it was intended I’m sorry, but that’s how it came off to me.

  • Freedom
    February 18, 2015

    Washington continues to fumble the ball in a game they could surely lead….yes voters voted to legalize, however, the WLCB is seemingly out of Their league

  • Bill Shaw
    February 18, 2015

    This legislation just shows the greed that our legislators have. What a bunch of ignorant jackasses. The majority of mmj patients can not afford to got to these state operated rip offs. We do not need to be roped into the “recreational” laws. We as patients should be able to treat our selves how and when we want without restrictions telling us that we can’t grow or possess less than we have in the past. What the hell is wrong with these idiots. Do they think that because they legalized it for everyone that MMJ patients needs have disappeared? To think that patients, that do use everything from the plants to produce different types of curing medicines, do not still need the amounts to heal themselves are simply unreasonably thought out. We make our own medicines and they do not come with pages of literature warning you of the hundreds of possible side effects that the pharmaceutical company’s products come with and if for some reason the legislators are too stupid to read them i guess the main problem is that little line in the side effects that state that their products can kill you, and to be sure and contact your doctor if you have any of the hundreds of different side effects from taking the medicines they produce that the US government says is ok for the population. Thousands upon thousands of people have died from “their” medicines that are forced upon us when the cure for many of us relies in a plant. A plant, that for thousands of years have been used for curing illnesses and for pain control. As far as I am concerned, any legislator that votes in favor of this bill should be tarred and feathered, and any legislator benefits be revoked and voted out of congress. These people are not representing the people of this state, they are representing the tax mongering whores that want to play god. May they all rot in hell if they pass this bill.

  • phil
    February 18, 2015

    Do it. Put the street back in business you moronic burrocratic assclowns.

  • Pam Fick
    February 18, 2015

    This is nothing more than their way of skirting what the voters passed. We The People need to tell them no go.

  • John Barelli
    February 18, 2015

    As someone who voted for medical marijuana, I’ve been watching how it has been implemented. The idea was good, and it’s still important.

    But let’s face reality here. Many of the people with “green cards” have no serious medical issue beyond severe and debilitating sobriety. The law is being abused, and the medical marijuana proponents have not stepped up to propose guidelines and laws to prevent that abuse.

    Since legitimate medical marijuana users have not stepped up to deal with the abuse of the law that many of us voted for, that leaves it to legislators, many of whom don’t like the law and would like to gut it.

    The proposed changes are not perfect, but they do address the blatant, widespread abuse of the medical marijuana law. As for those who object merely because they want to get high on tax-free weed, well, tough. I voted for medical marijuana for people who had severe medical ailments that didn’t respond well to other treatment options.

    And no, severe and debilitating sobriety is not one of those ailments.

    • David M
      February 20, 2015

      You haven’t a clue about the suffering of the sick. You’re too worried about your wallet. How would you suggest that “legitimate” medical marijuana patients supposed to “step up to to deal with the abuse of the law” ? (meaning, I gather as opposed to the states new over-priced already failing recreational cartels)? So here, we have another clairvoyant American with an ability to tell merely by sight who’s sick and who isn’t. American’s having such abilities as this should, for the good of mankind, disperse and use this amazing new ability to diagnose and help those suffering illness in poorer Latin American or African countries for instance rather than than stoop-sit outside of MMJ dispensaries, diagnosing wheter those patients are worthy instead?

      Thew only thing wrong with Washington’s medical marijuana system are the busy bodies hanging around worried that someone is going to get a better buy on cannabis or if they’re in the state cartel under-cut their store because sick persons deserve no help..

  • Willie weed
    February 18, 2015

    What the hell people! We are talking about a medicinal herb, the most medicinal herb on the planet arguably. Take you hands off it polititicans. Let the people grow for them, and those who can’t. Its great medicine! What if it was wheat or tomatoes they outlawed? Or hops or barley? Fuck them! Grow people grow. They have no business telling us we can or how much we can have or grow. Fuck off. Free the weed!

  • Snowrider1980
    February 19, 2015

    So rec pot prices have dropped significantly in the last two months and now I can grow my own plants without having to lie to the Government about “some health issue” (lie because I really dont have any medical issues) AND mj stores will be more abudant to everybody because both rec and med outlets will be combined?….

    Boohoo! Pot isnt specifically JUST a percription medicine anymore…what the hell would be the medical issue where someone needed 15 plants all growing at the same time just for treating themselves anyway?

    The “grey market” is still highly dominate with our current marijuana laws….and that doesnt do shit for the State which ulitmately trickles down to all of our benefits as Washington State Citizens.

    If we could just start growing our own asprin, I wouldnt have to go the store to rid this headache of mine I’ve had since December of 2012 when a good portion of the mj med crowd started bitching about losing their “special” priviledges as “special medical patients”…

    The State is your drug dealer, and Washington is just busting a few caps at “the competition” on the block yo. Get used to it…

    Capitalism = Thug Life

    “Washington is living N.I.*.G.A, so we can get drunk and smoke weed all day. It dont matter if you’re lonely baby, you need a thug in your life….’cuz them bustas ain’t luvin you right (or paying taxes)”

    • David M
      February 19, 2015

      AS I mentioned to Snow Rider 1980 completely ignorant post, if you look around hard enough around Seattle, yeah you can likely find someone that will write you a fake authorization. You can probably find fresh killed African Bush-meat flown in, inside of a suit-case around here too for that matter, if that’s your cup of tea. You do realize though that medical marijuana isn’t actually legal in Washington right? It’s only good for use as an affirmative defense in court, So using a phony authorization is a very stupid idea. The anti-medical patient lobby wants to make it seem as though people spouting ignorance like Snowrider1980 is what’s normal in Washington medical dispensaries. Do you think the fraud that wrote a phony authorization is going to stand up in a state court and look the judge in the eyes with you when you fight an unauthorized medical claim ? Fraud of any kind is looked down upon and garners harsh punishment just as It has since the time of England’s Norman king King Henry the second. People who have a vested interest in seeing medical dispensaries closed and forcing medical patients into recreational stores. And also Forced onto a state “registry” are behind this. These are law-enforcement types using the internet in order to make it appear that it’s just so easy to obtain a Washington medical authorization, everyone’s actually perfectly healthy and should be buying the weed in a state cartel store. If the idea of spending your tme knitting and stamping out license plates in State prison doesn’t bother you ,then you may as well go for it. If wearing a stripped suit and pink underwear is something you’d rather avoid, find a good Physician’s assitant or naturapath that WILL help you if a time ever arose in which you needed it. Beware anyone as stupid sounding as SnowRider1980 He’s either part of their scam or likes working with flat metal in ,machine shops and doing laundry all day long, otherwise. Why be be used him to eliminate medical patients access in order to pay off their contributor class green rush cronies. If you have nothing to gain but commiting state tax fraud.

      • Anonymous
        February 19, 2015

        Go sit outside a medical marijuana authorization mill and see how many people walk out without a card- zero. Anyone can get a card; you just need $75 , an I.D. And fill out a form. Defense? For what? I know many people who have multiple grows going and supply all the dispensaries. This is their busniess. All of your medical weed is grown by them and alot of them are going 502 with the same strains. Where do you think the 502 growers and their genetics are coming from? I know there are people who need this as medicine, young and old, but you can get it in a state store. People say it cost to much and they dont carry medical strains in 502, youre right. Why? Because they pay taxes and dispensaries are everywhere. There will be some transition. Are you a dispensary owner? Do you grow all of your own? Or do you buy turkey bages by the qp or pounds for cash? Where is it grown? Garages, barns and dank warehouses, sounds totally healthy. What did they spray on it? Did you have a microbial test done for mold. No you didnt. I have been on the inside for seven years and have seen it all. There are very few legit owners of dispensaries out there and when the legislature passes the law I hope they can get licenses and the rest can disappear.

        • David M
          February 20, 2015

          Washington doesn’t issue “cards” only a medical prescriber can issue a MMJ authorization. As I’ve mentioned previously to non-state resident’s or those unfamiliar with Washington medical marijuana ( MMJ) . Medical marijuana authorizations are only good for use as an affirmative defense in criminal court. MMJ dispensaries require authorizations (again not cards) to cover themselves from being dragged into an affirmative defense court case. This remains a weak link in Washington’s 1998 MMJ bill, one that’s never been reconciled by our foot dragging legislature. Stoop-Sitter’s That’s the term we use for them in Seattle, apparently have some clairvoyant gift which enables them to somehow magically be able to determine by hanging outside MMJ dispensaries and determine visually alone who, in their Swiss cheese brains whether a medical patient is actually “sick”, or faking. Stoop-sitter’s have become somewhat of a joke in Seattle since legalization took affect. They apparently work for the recreational industry in some capacity or they’re just embittered souls afraid someones going to purchase pot at a lower price than they. If they’re not being paid by the 502 store industry and therefore simply have nothing better to do all day but hang around MMJ dispensaries. Why not volunteer to help some one in need or animals or something worth their time. If nothing else just go to the beach, or a bookstore/coffees-shop if it’s raining?
          The bottom line is this : it’s the owner of Washington’s MMJ dispensaries that require authorizations. I’ll use myself as an example. I generally visit my preferred MMJ dispensary once a week whenever I’m in the Seattle. I’m a grey-bearded cane-walker obviously over 21 years old. They staff all know me and I know them. once yearly after I’ve given the dispensary staff my renewed authorization, provided then with identification, and they phone my doctor to confirm that, yes, she did indeed write the authorization .After this, I’m not asked to provide my authorization again until next year, unless of course I were to visit a new MMJ dispensary, or one I haven’t visited in quite some time (rare). Viola! I’m a creature of habit and never have to show an authorization again until mine expires. So, I gather in a “stoop-sitters” eye’s I’m not really disabled, the cane I use is only for show, my limp and gait is fake and the nerve pain( which you obviously cannot see) I’ve suffered from since birth doesn’t exist.,since you don’t “see” me holding” a card” leaving or entering a MMJ dispensary. I really don’t wat to sound like a dick. I just grow weary of generally young Americans so full of envy and so bitter by the thought that someone might have gotten a little bit up on the system. It’s no wonder you Americans have such terribly unaffordable medical care and are at one another throats constantly. Greed and envy and war brought Rome down. Americans should learn a little more history Nor. You apparently don’t live in Washington and don’t know. I hope I’ve explained it. Thank you..

          • David M
            February 20, 2015

            An industry stoop-sitter’s, involved in the 502 rec, store believe that medical patients, even older ones such as myself, who’ve been purchasing and smoking pot since the early 60’s must somehow now need protection before we are allowed to make our cannabis purchases? The state wants to create a false image of whats grown and sold to the public now that there is short-term tax revenue at stake. They can’t just make up a reason to charge more made up out of whole cloth can they?

            So it’s all been moldy terrible medical cannabis I’ve been buying from my dispensary over all of these years? Frankly I don’t believe that . For me It’s like buying fish. It has to pass the sight and smell test that’s all really. All of this lab mumbo-jumbo’s may be great for the cruise-ship tourists but for medical patients? Only reason to jack us for more tax revenue

            Personally, if it looks moldy, or smells sour smells, pass, etc.,etc. Caveat Emptor. I’ve never had a reason to dislike or want to return ANY cannabis that I’ve purchased at any Seattle MMJ dispensary over all of these years.But suddenly everyones hair’s on fire if they don’t buy from a recreational store. No I don’t buy that.

            I’d rather see the state require grocers to place sourcing label’s on their produce so I know exactly which country my fruit and vegetables were grown/ sourced. Twenty -eight EU countries require this today but not in the US. You’re alarmed someone may purchase a bud with some mold on it? .The state wants to create it’s own carte but needs a reason to force people into their stores and destroy the medical marijuana law.l. They want to control all access and pricing

            I’ve been smoking medical dispensary weed for years and have never encountered mold. At least inside of them, I’m allowed to look at what actually goes into the bag I’m walking out with rather than just betting I’m getting whats’ in a specimen jar. As medical patient, paying for a sealed bag with a bunch of lab-work labeled on the outside isn’t comforting. I’d rather take my chances and continue purchasing from people I’ve been buying from for years rather than recreational price gougers who are still in the national news over last falls price rip-offs. Especially if you’re a grower. They’re going out of business because the rec store owners wnat to become as involved with the growing community as much as the medical.

            Rec/. stores haven’t tried to work with the medical community at all. They spend all of their time and energy trying to malign medical dispensaries and patients. They’re not just entitled to my business because the state say’s so. Without after two years not once even acting like they’re interested. No thanks I’ll wait until the tribes start selling 5$ grams later this summer. I’m well over 60 and my eye-sight and sense of smells still good. as a patient/consumer I should be the judge of who I buy from and where.

  • David M
    February 19, 2015

    SnowRider 1980 So you found a fraud to write your Washington medical authorization. They’re around. That is if you want to personally risk commuting fraud and using that as an affirmative defense in circuit court good luck with that. This risk jut so you buy your cannabis at a reduced price? Only greedy tight-ass moron’s actually do that. I bet you spend all day clipping store coupons too? BTW, I can probably put you in touch with a good CD/USD money counterfeiter too since you’re so interested in saving money and don’t mind prison. You. F”n greedy liar,

  • Rachel
    February 20, 2015

    This bill will create medical specialty clinics – true medical dispensaries where doctors can authorize and dispense cannabis. No patient registry! And everyone can grow their own! Seriously, why are you pushing against this? By pushing against this, you are just allowing 5052 to gain power and it will be the bill that passes with a total end to medical and a mandatory patient registry. Is that what you want? By misinforming people about 5519, that’s what you’re doing. Are you for patients? Or just your friends that own collective garden dispensaries?

  • FUCK
    February 21, 2015

    they just want everyone to smoke an ounce a month like their fucking tylenol here in canada.. where you can have one bottle a month.. just a bunch of assholes trying to OVER control something that isn’t controllable.. they’ve already learned their lessons and won’t take the loss.. assholes!

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