WA Bill to Allow Marijuana Producers to Sell Immature Plants and Seeds to Patients Passed by Two Committees

A Washington State measure that would allow licensed producers of marijuana to produce, process, package and sell immature plants and seeds has passed two House committees.

Immature marijuana plants.

House Bill 2021 was given approval by the House Committee on Finance late last month, and was passed the following day by the Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee. It has since been placed on a second reading by the Rules Committee, meaning it will likely be voted on soon by the full House of Representatives where passage will send it to the Senate.

The proposed law; “Authorizes marijuana producers to produce and sell marijuana plants and seeds at retail, at the premises of the marijuana producer, to qualifying patients age 18 and over and designated providers with valid authorization or valid recognition card.”

The measure also; “Allows plants grown in a cooperative to be grown from marijuana seeds purchased from a licensed marijuana producer”.

If passed, it would grant  “the Liquor and Cannabis Board wide rule-making authority to establish an effective process for the sale of marijuana plants and seeds by marijuana producers to qualifying patients age 18 and over and designated providers.”

Click here for the full text of House Bill 2021.

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