WA: Over 5.3 Million Pounds of Legal Cannabis Sold in July

Legal CannabisIn July alone there was 5.3 million pounds of legal cannabis sold in Washington State, according to data released by the Liquor and Cannabis Board. These sales resulted in roughly $20 million in taxes.

In addition to the 5.3 million pounds of “usable” cannabis sold, there was 485,000 units of cannabis extracts sold, 285,000 units of edibles sold, 70,000 units of liquid edibles sold, and 14,000 units of topical cannabis (lotions and ointments) sold.

Recently we reported that there is $3.8 million of cannabis sold legally in the state each day, garnering over 700,000 in daily taxes.

Further data on Washington’s legal cannabis industry can be found on the Liquor and Cannabis Board’s website.

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