Voters in Miami Beach, Florida, Strongly Approve Medical Cannabis Resolution

Voters in Miami Beach, Florida, were asked during Tuesday’s election whether or not they support medical cannabis legalization; 64% voted in favor of the resolution, which calls on the State of Florida, as well as the federal government, medcannabisto end prohibition on medical cannabis. The resolution polled higher than the winning mayoral candidate.

This victory is seen as a huge burst of momentum for the group People United for Medical Marijuana, which is currently working on putting a statewide medical cannabis legalization initiative on the ballot next year.

“It speaks pretty positively to our chances next November,” said Benjamin Pollara, treasurer for the group, who is led by former Obama fundraiser and attorney John Morgan. “This was a very low turnout election in Miami Beach,” he said, “it’s a relatively old electorate, and yet it still got close to 65 percent of the vote.”

With the passage of this resolution, Miami Beach becomes the first city in the State of Florida to vote in favor of medical cannabis.


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