Seattle Hempfest Cofounder Vivian McPeak in Severe Medical Condition, Donations Needed

For over 25 years Vivian McPeak has served as a vital pillar in the cannabis community, and now he needs your help.

McPeak cofounded Seattle Hempfest, one of the largest free speech events in the world, and has served as its director for over 25 years. McPeak is also an established author who has dedicated his life to community activism.

Now, McPeak is dealing with some severe medical issues, and is currently fighting for his life and for some relief from his illnesses. In order to help him cover the vast expenses of the numerous medical operations he needs, a GoFundMe page has been setup. At the time of publication roughly $5,500 has been donated by 48 people; this is great to see, but much more is needed to cover all of the necessary medical expenses.

We strongly encourage all of our readers, and anyone who happens to stumble upon this article, to consider making a donation. If anyone deserves our support and backing, it’s McPeak.

Click here to view the GoFundMe page and to make a donation.


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