Virginia Senate Committee Unanimously Approves Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2015

Virginia’s Senate Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources Committee has voted unanimouslyhemp to approve the Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2015, a proposal to establish a hemp research program. The measure, which has already been approved unanimously by the state’s House of Delegates, will go to Governor Terry McAuliffe once passed by the full Senate.

If approved into law, House Bill 1277 would direct the Virginia Department of Agriculture to establish an industrial hemp research program, including determining specific regulation. Universities in the state would be authorized to cultivate and study the plant.

The full text of the measure can be found by clicking here.


2 thoughts on “Virginia Senate Committee Unanimously Approves Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2015”

  1. they r stopping those pills. now they r shooting up everything they can get their hands on. thousands r dying. please legalize pot. im in mc.dowell w.v.a . and it will bring money in the state.. everything in mc.dowell is going down hill. rough highways . no factories ‘ no jobs’ if u want to reduce food stamps and checks.. then please help us bring money in. coal was the only thing left. now there is nothing.. i vote to legalize marijuana …

  2. you mean find way for gov to get way better then half money made for something they baned yrs ago an coulda been helping people all along look beyond the smoke screens all the time look for there hidden agenda its usually greed


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