Video Highlights Missouri Man Serving Life in Prison for Cannabis

Jeff Mizanskey.
Jeff Mizanskey.

Jeff Mizanskey, a 61-year old Missouri man, has been in prison for over 20 years without parole, and short of a governor’s pardon, he’ll be spending the rest of his life in the same position.

Jeff was arrested in 1993 on his third nonviolent, cannabis-related charge. As part of the state’s controversial three-strike law, Jeff was sentenced to life in prison, without parole, despite having no history of violence and no criminal record other than the three cannabis charges.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon recently announced that he’ll review Jeff’s case before he leaves office, though that won’t be until January, 2017.

Below is a video further explaining Jeff’s situation, and how you can help.

9 thoughts on “Video Highlights Missouri Man Serving Life in Prison for Cannabis”

  1. Amazing that this could happen in the states and then you got a governor that cannot take the time of day to pardon this man that already sat 20 plus years .Charles Manson gets in front of a parole board but this man gets not even the time of day from the many governors’ that must have been in the seat in these 20 years . It just goes to show you what is slipping into the peoples chairs . Vote Vote Vote and make dam sure it is a Christian and not a pretender.

  2. There are a lot more serious crimes taking place in this world and get a lot less time than life in prison child molesters get less time and that scares a child for life please give this man a chance Mara Juana is on the verge of being legal in most places sure we all make mistakes but life for weed please help this man

  3. What the heck???? You get life for pot even though its three times but yet you can rape a child and get off and sever very little time? What wrong with our court system? This all messed up

  4. Please free this man…no matter how many times one used marijuana or even sold it he should not be in prison for any amount of time as the laws against this plant are trumped up bogus laws in the first place. This plant was medicine & used by presidents forever set him & all non violent offenders they didn’t do anything wrong except act against an unjust unconstitutional law that was put in place only to provide monopolies to wealthy businesses. The crime was the prohibition not the use or sale of this plant.

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