Victory in Colorado: Unscientific THC DUID Bill Defeated in Senate

Earlier this month we posted about an unscientific DUID (driving under the influence of drugs) bill advancing in Colorado, which would find someone guilty based on having an arbitrary amount of THC in their system, whichvictory would be determined through a blood draw – this is the 4th year such a measure has been discussed in Colorado’s Legislature. The measure passed through the House earlier this month, but is now officially dead, as it was voted down in the Senate Judiciary Committee by a vote of 4-1.

This is a strong victory for civil liberties and sanity in Colorado, as the proposed 5 ng/ml limit for THC has no scientific basis, and would lead to unimpaired drivers being found guilty as even active THC can linger in the body for days – not to mention that there’s nothing wrong with current DUID laws, which requires proof of impairment for a prosecution to take place. The victory is also a defeat for the White House and Drug Czar, as implementing these types of policies, state-by-state, is one of their top priorities in “combating” drug use. This measure’s defeat also shows that despite the State of Colorado legalizing marijuana possession, lawmakers aren’t falling for obvious propaganda, and blindly approving inappropriate laws that would easily appease prohibitionists.

This measure will come up again, so residents should continue to urge lawmakers to vote against unscientific driving policies, but for now, Colorado’s Senate Judiciary Committee gave common-sense an extra point.


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  1. If they were to use hash they would get more pain relief. Isn’t good hash tlyaciply 70%+ THC? And the strongest bud they used in the study was like 10% THC. These are chronic pain suffers, of course they only received modest pain relief. That’s almost like giving them an Advil when they need Vicodin, in terms of pharmaceuticals. One of the reasons the medical community is so skeptical of cannabis is because they are largely ignorant of all the different ways cannabis can be prepared, manufactured, grown, and consumed. They almost always exclude vaps during these studies, and then they say they wish there was a better way to consume cannabis besides smoking it. HELLO!? Vaporizing weed means no carcinogens, little to no heat, and it’s more effective! I’ve heard doctors say that they would support cannabis if that undesirable high wasn’t a side-effect. Well, if we legalized it then the growers wouldn’t focus on breeding all the CBD out of the weed! All the downsides of cannabis as medicine are cause by prohibition.

  2. Very positive on the CNN International this Wednesday moinnrg in Asia,as all promo is GOOD promo??? When you have momentum it’s all good. Showing Granny smoking pot on TV for medicine gives a different face to cannabis usage. Edible/trans-dermal modus is how we attempt to teach in Asia. Men can smoke cigarettes almost anywhere in Cambodia. At the same time ,smoking cannabis is viewed as satanic because Asian+++ USA News-Media propaganda. This reefer madness opinion has firmly taken hold in educated Asians,and there is no discernible Satanic-hell-devil in Asia. The old style of poor and riding a bicycle is looked down upon,so is ancient cannabis use dirty,vile etc Where does this mindset come from ? Just 20 years ago this was in massive usage in countryside home remedies. In with the pharma pills;out with the natural herb . Ask Dr. Mitch The study in the news article was in gel caps ,but the TV-CNN news feature_ propaganda was Grandma toking a funny petard. They did show the beautiful plants growing under artificial lights. My point is the USA Media with USA-drug company globalization agendas created a negative stigma. Television media can turn that around, and as CNN did point to new medical marijuana adverts on California TV stations today. This will hopefully start to buy good press vs yellow journalism-corporate self-interest we’ve been accustomed to accept. Medical Cannabis making it on TELEVISION that’s what I’m trying to do here get a TV program.


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