Vermont Marijuana Legalization Bill Given Approval by House Committee, Already Passed Full Senate

A bill to legalize marijuana has been advanced by a Vermont House committee.

Vermont’s House Human Services Committee, in a close 5 to 4 vote (with 2 members not voting), has advanced House Bill 167 to legalize marijuana for those 21 and older. The measure has already been passed by the state’s full Senate.

The legislation can now be put to a vote by the full House of Representatives, where passage would send it to Governor Phil Scott for consideration. If it becomes law, it would be legal to possess, use and share up to an ounce of marijuana. It would also be legal to grow up to two mature and four immature cannabis plants.

In addition, House Bill 167 would allow unlimited small-scale cultivation licenses for producers with cultivation centers up to 500 square feet.

According to a Public Policy Polling survey released recently, 57% of voters in Vermont support allowing adults 21 and older to possess and grow limited amounts of marijuana, and 54% support regulating and taxing marijuana similarly to alcohol.

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