Vermont Marijuana Decriminalization Bill Passes Full House, Goes to Senate

Vermont State seal.

By a vote of 92-49, Vermont’s House of Representatives approved a measure today that decriminalizes the possession of small amounts of marijuana, changing it from an arrestable misdemeanor, to a civil infraction. If passed, possessing an ounce or less would be a simple $300 ticket, rather than up to 6 months in jail like it is currently.

Last week the House approved the measure through its 2nd reading with a slightly more favorable 98-44 vote.

Regardless, the measure is now officially through the House, and heads to the Senate, where its passage is expected. The governor is likely to get final say in whether or it becomes law – if so, he plans to sign it.

Recent polling has shown that 61% of Vermont residents support decriminalization, as does the state’s attorney general.


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