Vermont Lawmakers File Legislation to Prohibit Alcohol Possession and Sales

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Vermont Lawmakers File Legislation to Prohibit Alcohol Possession and Sales

Vermont Representatives Chris Pearson (P-Burlington) and Jean O’Sullivan (D-Burlington) have filed legislation to prohibit thenoalcohol “possession, cultivation, distribution and sale” of alcoholic beverage.

The proposal, House Bill 502, would establish criminal and civil penalties for the possession, manufacturing or distribution of alcohol, with penalties being identical to those of cannabis. Medical use of alcohol would be allowed, to put it in line with the fact that the medical use of cannabis is allowed.

Proponents of the bill say that they don’t actually support alcohol prohibition, but filed the legislation to point out the hypocrisy of cannabis being illegal, despite it being substantially safer than alcohol (including having no fatal overdose level).

Representatives Pearson and O’Sullivan are among the sponsors of House Bill 277, which would legalize cannabis for everyone 21 and older.

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  • Annie Verde
    April 17, 2015

    Sign me up. There is so much I don’t know that I would like to learn about. I’m really into learning about medical marijuana right now. How to qualify and if that prescription goes with you if you move out of that state. I live in Phx Az but am getting ready to move to Indiana soon.
    Thank you

  • charles
    April 17, 2015

    what if it pases..again?! Never underestimate the idiocy of our politicians who so accurately represent our communal idiocy, as on Capitol Hill.

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