Vermont Lawmakers Vote “Yes” on Decriminalizing Marijuana Possession and Cultivation

Today Vermont’s House Judiciary Committee approved House Bill 200, which would decriminalize up to two ounces of marijuana, including the private cultivation of two plants. Under this proposal, those in possession of such an amount would be, at most, ticketmarijuana25n-2-webed at $100. Under current law possessing even a couple grams is a misdemeanor offense that can net someone up to 6 months in prison.

Vermont’s Senate Judiciary Committee held a public hearing on a companion bill to this measure last week, though pushed off a committee vote. A full House vote is expected to occur as soon as this Friday.

On top of Vermont’s Attorney General Bill Sorrell being in full support of the measure (including the provision to allow home-growing), polling released recently fond that 61% of Vermont residents support decriminalizing marijuana possession, which just 31% being opposed to such a move.

Advocates in Vermont should absolutely be looking up and contacting their legislators, urging them to support decriminalization, which would save the state money and free up law enforcement to focus on more serious crimes.


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