Vermont House Approves Measure to Decriminalize Marijuana

Nearly 70% of Vermont’s House of Representatives voted today to approve a measure decriminalizing marijuana possession. The measure, which was approved 98-44, would make possession of up to an oungood-weedce of marijuana a civil infraction of up to $300, rather than an arrestable misdemeanor like it currently is. The measure also eliminates the possibility of a permanent criminal record, or losing employment of social benefit opportunities, for possessing up to 2 ounces, and cultivating up to 4 plants.

This legislation, which passed the House’s Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, is expected to also pass the Senate, sending it to the governor for final approval.

In addition to recent polling showing that 61% of Vermont residents support decriminalization, their state’s attorney general is also in full support, and has lobbied for its passage.


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  1. Very happy to hear this news! This is hurdle that has been jumped. Let’s hope other states follow in a timely manner!!


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