Vermont Governor Says Cannabis Should Be Legalized

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Vermont Governor Says Cannabis Should Be Legalized

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin is in support of recreational cannabis legalization, feels the nation is heading in that direction, and wants his state to be “part of that conversation”, according to the Associated Press.marijuana3

Shumlin’s statements came at his weekly news conference yesterday, where a reporter asked him his position on cannabis legalization. Shumlin responded by saying that although he’s in support of legalization, and believes it’s the eventual path his state and the U.S. will take, he’s just not ready for it at the current moment (without giving a specific reason why).

On July 1st, a law decriminalizing the possession of an ounce of cannabis officially took effect in the state. On Monday, the Marijuana Policy Project announced a new plan to legalize cannabis in 10 new states by 2017; Vermont is one of those states.


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