Vape for Life: Brand Loyalty in the New Age of Vaporization

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In the early heyday of American consumerism, advertisers and brands worked tirelessly, not just to sell products, but to establish themselves as a fixture in their patrons’ lives. This dedication lead to a proliferation of American manufacturing and fierce competition to create high-quality items that would outlast the competitors, preserving the brand loyalty of their customers.

As products become more and more disposable, with the next bigger and bigger iteration just around the corner, it seems as though brands are conceived and forgotten in the blink of an eye. One can’t help but wonder? Where are the companies creating products that customers will actually want to hold on to? Let alone continue buying in the future.

Well, luckily for vaporizer connoisseurs or even those new to vaping, there are plenty of current vape pen makers that have been around since the infancy of vaporization and seem poised to be in the market for the foreseeable future.


Grenco Science

Few vape manufactures have reached the level of brand recognition or popularity as Grenco Science. Beginning in the aughts, Grenco launched a line of vape pens before everyone and their dad was vaping. This has led to a great amount of knowledge in the industry, which enables Grenco to stay informed on the latest and greatest technologies in the vape pen market. Their first line of vaporizers was focused around wax pens for concentrate usage, at a time when wax and oil were much more of a rarity than they are today.

There’s a strong likelihood that if you’re reading this you’re familiar with the Grenco brand, which is a testament to their strong brand recognition, forged through partnerships with celebrity personalities. Grenco was the first vaporizer company to reach out to musicians to create collaborations for a truly unique vaping experience. These collaborations have included Snoop Dogg, Action Bronson, as well as other musicians and streetwear brands. However, despite the unscrupulous practices of some companies that pay off celebrities in order to mask a flawed product, the endorsers of Grenco Science vapes are often seen toking on the vape pens when they’re not being paid to do so.

Product Spotlight: G Pen Elite Herbal Vaporizer

This is the premiere dry herbal vaporizer from Grenco science. A portable vaporizer built around the concept of portability and no-hassle operation, the G Pen Elite offers a unique take on a dry herb vape pen.

Occupying a unique form factor somewhere between a vape pen and portable vaporizer, the G Pen Elite features a contoured ABS shell designed to take a beating, for a long lifespan of use. With an integrated LCD display and precise temperature controls, you are fin full control of your vape, to ensure the greatest efficiency of your dry herbs. The  G Pen Elite offers the discrete vaping abilities of a pen-style vaporizer with an uncompromised feature set.


Magic Flight

Just like the automobiles shipped out of Detroit’s GMC factories during the thriving days of the motor city, Magic Flight’s Launch Box is made and assembled in the good ol’ USA. With a carved wood body, hand-crafted by artisans based in San Diego, the design has remained largely unchanged since the inception of the first Launch Box portable vaporizer. While it may not feature LCD screens or space-age materials, the Launch Box vape excels at its one true function, vaping, with reliability and ease of use.

This is the perfect portable vaporizer for those used to more traditional means of dry herb consumption. The handcrafted wood offers a nice feel in the hand, and the operation is unrivaled in its simplicity. The unit consists of the box with a heating element and a battery, to use, simply push the battery until it clicks and you’re ready to vape. The units are guaranteed for life, to offer extra peace of mind when buying and feature easily replaceable components to ensure usage is never interrupted due to a small malfunction.

There’s a sort of mythos and almost cult-like following that surrounds the Launch Box. From the quotes which are printed on the every unit to the unique design and dedicated community, this is a vaporizer which offers an unparalleled level of communal appeal for the user.

Product Spotlight: Magic Flight Dry Herb vaporizer and Muad Dib wax vape

This might be cheating, but Magic Flight’s entire line of vaporizers consists of two similar but very functional vapes, each engineered for specific purposes. The original Magic Flight is optimized for dry herb vaporization and handles the purpose with aplomb. The Muad Dib is the newest iteration of the Launch Box vaporizer, featuring a heating chamber and brass rails which function at a higher temperature, to extract all the essential vapors from your concentrates and waxy oils.


Dr. Dabber

As the name might imply, Dr. Dabber is all about the exploration and discovery of new technologies related to the almighty dab. With the widespread use of concentrates and waxy oils in recent years, along with a zeitgeist-y dance move, some might be concerned that dabbing is a mere passing trend waiting for the dust to settle. Not if Dr. Dabber has anything to say about the matter. With a line that reflects the diversity of concentrate consumptions covering electro rigs for the full-on dabbing experience to much more subtle wax pens for the working professional or stylishly discrete, all concentrate consumers can find a prescription that fits.

Based in Las Vegas, the company has seen the vaporizer industry rise to a prominence mirroring the surrounding brightly-lit marquees. With the changes in the vaping industry, Dr. Dabber has consistently stayed with or ahead of the curve, employing future-proof concentrate vaporization methods to keep their products relevant into the future.

Product Spotlight: Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer

The Aurora vaporizer is a high-end wax pen that allows for a great amount of customizations for your vaping experience. The Dr. Dabber Aurora vape pen comes with three atomizers for your vaping pleasure. The Aurora vaporizer comes standard with a dual quartz rod atomizer for huge milky hits, a dual ceramic rod atomizer for full-flavored rips, and a coil-less ceramic atomizer which promotes low-temp dabbing with the purest flavors for the discerning concentrate consumer. This advanced wax pen eschews typical 510 threading for a magnetic connection system which aids in the ease of swapping atomizers as well as loading the heating chamber.



The decision to stay brand loyal doesn’t mean you have to surrender your options for a wide range of products. For the commitment-phobe or brand loyal vaper looking to build the ultimate collection, look no further than Atmos vapes. Atmos vaporizers has been in the game for a long time, in addition to their history and experience, they bring a simply staggering amount of vaporizers to the table.  The Atmos vaporizer product line spans the gamut from wax pens and vape pens to portable vaporizers, e-nails, even mods and attachments for power users.

Boasting efficient designs with comprehensive electronics, Atmos vaporizers appeal to both the pragmatist and the tech-minded vaper. Atmos stands by all of their products with a comprehensive five year warranty ensuring their vaporizers will be with you for a long time. As with any great brand or product, imitators are sure to follow, it’s worth noting that there is a large market of rebranded products which may look like Atmos vaporizers, but are in fact knock offs or re-brands. In order to make sure your product is legit, and backed up by their industry-leading warranty make sure to buy your Atmos vape pen or wax vape from an authorized seller.

Product Spotlight: Atmos Jump Vaporizer

While it’s a hard decision to narrow out a single product from a plethora of options, the Atmos Jump dry herb vape pen offers premium performance at a paltry price. With intuitive operation and even heating, the Atmos Jump vape pen will evenly vaporize your herbs to extract all the essential ingredients. Discretion is never a factor when vaping with the Jump, making it a perfect companion for outdoor outings, concerts, or anywhere else you need to vape in stealth.

Though the face of retail is changing rapidly, there are some businesses putting in the extra mile of effort to retain your business. In the age where information is readily available, the average consumer does far more research than those in the past. This leads to only the top brands able to carve out a niche or rise to the top. Brand loyalty goes both ways in today’s market, in the ever-growing vaporizer industry, consumers are loyal to brands that give as much back to them. If you’re in the market for a new vape pen or just want to check out the latest and greatest, look to the above manufacturers for reliable and cutting-edge products sure to find a place in your lifestyle.

Have any experience with the above brands? Think we missed a brand that goes the extra mile for the customer? Is brand loyalty dead? Let us know in the comments below. Until later, vape loyal, vape true and all you vape will come back to you.

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