Utah Senate Committee Passes Bill to Legalize Medical Cannabis, Including Dispensaries

medcannabisIn 2014 Utah lawmakers passed legislation legalizing the medical use of CBD (cannabidiol) oil, but only for those with seizure disorders. Now, the state’s Senate Judiciary and Law Enforcement Committee has voted 4 to 1 to pass a much more expansive bill that would legalize the whole cannabis plant for medical use.

Senate Bill 73, sponsored by Senator Mark Madsen (R-Saratoga Springs), would allow those with certain qualifying conditions – such as cancer, PTSD and chronic pain – to possess and use medical cannabis and medical cannabis products. The measure would establish a system of licensed cultivation centers and dispensaries, providing patients a means of safe access to their medicine.

A separate bill, Senate Bill 89, was given approval by the state’s Senate Health and Human Services Committee on the same day, with a unanimous vote. This measure would also expand the state’s 2014 law, but would still only allow low-THC cannabis oil to be used, and not the whole plant.

The text of Senate Bill 73 – which now moves towards a vote in the full Senate – can be found by clicking here.

12 thoughts on “Utah Senate Committee Passes Bill to Legalize Medical Cannabis, Including Dispensaries”

  1. Marjuana helps me so much with my depression, anxiety and my pain. I so wish it would pass. Please let us have our plant to help all others who need it also.

  2. I would like to personally thank those who moved against this bill. I work in a very prominent neurological center that treats these types of illnesses that Marijuana is designated for treatment. I see the devastating effects of Epilesy, MS, ALS, and many many more every single day. I see how these people suffer chronically and needlessly. The fear mongering and uneducated bias needs to stop! NOW!!! It’s amazing to me that the agendas of a few hurt so many to the point that their lives change in a negative way forever. In my opinion every single opposing voice is the voice of a sadist

    • I fully agree! I have both epilepsy, and was diagnosed with MS in 2011… I was a drug user as a teenager (Sober 9 years now from that lifestyle) and don’t support this just because of that..I feel anything and I mean ANYTHING that is man made is absolutely horrible and should be banded world wide, I am not a tree hugging hippie. I am now a very successful business owner, have a beautiful home and have 4 children that are all amazing children. I do buy marijuana and smoke and I also have purchased from Colorado as well…. I don’t smoke to get high, I smoke to be a productive member of my family and society, There are days I can barely function, walking, cooking, doing homework with my children and just being a “normal person”, but because of THC I am able to do more that I was ever able to do before I started using it for medicinal reasons…. People pass judgment and bias out of pure ignorance and no education except for a church and chong movie they saw or their religious beliefs, especially here in utah! THC is saving my life and family… I couldn’t even imagine not being able to be the mother I am ment to be, that’s not why we chose to have children, I have a very productive life for the most part and I thank God for that everyday because of THC… when I tried to not smoke and just take my medications that my Dr gives me, well, let’s just say it was one of the worst 7 months of my life! I would like to have a productive life and make amazing memories with my children instead of them having memories of their mother suffering and in savvier pain all day…

  3. Sorry but this is just bullshit. The senate voted against the bill and a ballot initiative is now in the works to get 104,000 signatures to get the issue on the ballot this November.

  4. UPDATE: this article is only about winning approval at the first and easiest step of the political process. The current fate of this bill looks doomed to be voted down by the state legislature in spite of multiple polls showing majority public support.

    There is hope that medical marijuana can be on the ballot for citizens to decide when they vote in November.

    People need to sign the petition from every county of Utah. They need to sign this petition before April to get the measure on the ballot.

    Utah residents can sign the petition at http://www.dpputah.org

  5. This is fantastic news! There are way too many abused other substance much more harmful that the people of UT turn too. I personally was in a horrible car accident in June of 2014 and have been jobless and burdened with the near 500 pills I have to take each month. Knowing with each dosing I’m just doing more real damage to my body…long term effects. I have been through a horrible year recovering from my neck fusion procedure l now will be having, within the next 4 months lower back fusion and another year at least to recover from that. In all I will be 4 years into all of this in minimum… l would much rather give up almost 300 pills a month and switch over to a natural and already known to work…at least for me…medication…Marijuana… Come on guys!! Keep up the good work and helping to give us another alternatives than big LYING pharma companies.

  6. Yeah and in Virginia the Commonwealth still makes a ton of money from arrests and that will never change. Virginia will be the last to do anything towards legalization.


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