Using Your Bong as a Dab Rig

By Jimmy Louise

Many people like having specific equipment for different smoking styles. This is especially true for those that enjoy dabbing concentrates.

The vapor produced by wax, shatter, or oil allows for a more flavorful experience. Most dabbing enthusiasts own a dab rig designed specifically for using concentrates. For those who are considering entering the world of dabbing, the start-up cost for a new rig can seem intimidating. They can be reluctant about spending money on a device if they aren’t sure that dabbing will be right for them. The best thing for undecided users to do in this situation is to modify their glass bong into a dab rig.  The conversion is easy and relatively cheap to do. Here’s what you’ll need:

An “adapter” piece.

An adapter: Adapters are what makes it possible to convert your bong’s joint from female to male. They are readily available and affordable. You will need to take a look at your bong and figure out the size of the adaptor you’ll need. Sizes are typically 14.5mm and 18.5mm. You will need a male to male adapter whose size corresponds with the female joint of your bong.

A nail: The nail is also a very import part modifying your bong. There are lots of choices available, the most common being quartz, ceramic, and titanium. Each type of nail has positive and negative qualities, so it’s truly a matter of personal preference. The most important part is that the nail is the appropriate size for the adapter.

A torch: While a regular lighter might be fine for dry herbs, dabbing requires something with a little more finesse. Torches come in a variety of sizes. Some are suitable for on-the-go dabbing and others are perfect for using around the house. Since even heat is the name of the dabbing game, try to find a torch that offers a wider flame. Some torches even have adjustable flames that allow the user to set it to fit their needs.

Before you start modifying your bong, you will need to thoroughly clean it. Any leftover residue in your bong is going to alter the flavor of your dabs, so keeping your materials clean is key. You’ll then want to remove the dry herb bowl from your bong. Replace it with your adapter and the nail. Presto, you’ve got yourself a dab rig! It is that easy!

It may be cheaper to use your existing bong as a dab rig, but if you find that you enjoy concentrates you’ll want to invest in a dab rig setup eventually. You’ll find the flavors of your concentrate are more potent with a designated dab rig. Dab rigs are smaller than a bong, which allows for thicker vapor and thus a more potent high. A dab rig that is specifically designed for concentrates will be safer for use as well.


Written by: Jimmy Louise

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