Using CBD to Treat Anxiety

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Using CBD to Treat Anxiety

By Gary W.

Cannabis’ negative stigma is being lifted and consumption of the plant is becoming a lot more normal than it was in recent years. Suitable for medical use, the cannabis plant naturally produces a broad spectrum of cannabinoids, one of which is Cannabidiol (CBD). When the correct strain and dosage is consumed, people with anxiety can experience rapid relief from their often debilitating symptoms.

CBD Strains are Highly Effective at Treating Anxiety

Dealing with anxiety is not fun. Some people may experience feelings of hopelessness when anxiety strikes, while others will feel like a recluse as they try to avoid social situations for fear of awkwardness. Thankfully, scientific research is opening a new door for anxiety sufferers, with recent studies proving CBD’s efficacy at relieving the symptoms.

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Back in 2011, a study published in the Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology revealed how cannabis can calm anxiety quickly and effectively. Among the 24 participants who took part, the half who were administered CBD experienced a major decrease in anxiety levels, as opposed to the other half who who were given a placebo.

But why CBD, you ask? Well, CBD can encourage anandamide production inside the brain. Anandamide neurotransmitters have a direct influence on emotional regulation therefore the higher the levels of anandamide in the brain, the lower the chances of anxiety striking.

The Best CBD-rich Cannabis Strains for Relieving the Symptoms of Anxiety

Not everyone will react well to the same cannabis strain. It’s important to choose a balanced strain if you want to experience mild psychoactive effects. Should you want to avoid the psychoactive aspect altogether, stick to CBD-rich strains.

Below, we highlight some high-CBD strains that can be used to treat and prevent feelings of anxiety:

  • Harlequin – This 75 percent sativa-dominant hybrid has a CBD to THC ratio of 5:2. Don’t expect to feel overly high after using the strain, which is favored for its ability to clear the mind and boost alertness. A relaxing (yet non-sedating) option for anxiety sufferers, Harlequin has a flavor that merges sweet mango with earthy musk.
  • Harle-Tsu – Next on the list is this high-CBD strain, which has around 20 times more CBD than THC. A relaxing strain that can help you to de-stress, Harle-Tsu is also good for stimulating creative thoughts. Many people report feeling euphoric without the high when they use this anxiety-busting strain. It tastes sweet and piney.
  • AC/DC – Another of the highest CBD strains you can use to relieve anxiety is AC/DC. This sativa-dominant strain contains in upwards of 19 percent CBD and it will not leave you feeling stoned, since it has little to zero psychoactivity. While it might give you dry mouth if you smoke it, the sweet, skunk and earthy flavors are pretty irresistible.
  • CBD Shark – An indica-dominant strain with an equal ratio of CBD to THC, this anxiety-relieving option has the potential to clear the mind, relax and enhance mood. There is a chance that CBD Shark might make you slightly drowsy or sleepy. The flavor is a mix of mint and peppery notes.
  • Canna-Tsu – Are you ready to say goodbye to anxiety with Cannatonic and Sour Tsunami’s offspring? This crossbred hybrid also has an equal ratio of CBD to THC at 1:1. However, it is mentally enhancing and will produce a full-body feeling of calm. Commonly used as an anti-inflammatory, Canna-Tsu is a mellow strain with big buds and sweet, earthy flavors.
  • Cannatonic – The THC content of Cannatonic is favorably low at 6 percent. The same cannot be said for its CBD content, which can hit highs of 17 percent! Known for being one of the most effective anxiety-relieving cannabis strains, Cannatonic tastes like citrus and can also be used to treat muscle spasms, migraines and pain.
  • Haoma – This indica strain has a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio, meaning that it might produce a slight psychoactive effect. Anxiety sufferers who experience sleep deprivation should think about trying this one, because it creates a fairly mellow feeling. What does Haoma taste like, you ask? Fruity and floral, with a hint of an earthy undertone.
  • Sour Tsunami – A sativa-dominant hybrid with a CBD content that varies from 10-11 percent, Sour Tsunami is a popular medical cannabis strain with THC levels that usually fall below 10 percent. Despite containing quite a lot of THC, the anxiety-busting strain won’t make you feel sedated but instead, quite clear-headed. The sour taste makes it an indulgent option.


Where to Buy High-CBD Cannabis Strains for Anxiety

To understand which of the aforementioned anxiety-relieving cannabis strains will work for you personally, be prepared to try a few. You can stock up on buds, extracts and cannabis-based products by visiting accredited San Francisco dispensaries. A dispensary will hire knowledgeable budtenders, who can aid you in your quest to finding high-CBD strains for anxiety.

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