Uruguay to Sell Cannabis Tax Free at Less Than $1 a Gram to Undercut Black Market

Uruguay will begin selling recreational cannabis to anyone 18 and older by the end of the year, and they’ll do so entirely tax free in order to undercut the blackjoint market surrounding the substance. According to government officials, cannabis will be cost between 20 and 22 pesos ($0.85 – $0.95) a gram.

Under Uruguay’s new law, an individual can possess up to 10 grams of cannabis, though they can possess more if they grow their own, as they’ll be allowed to legally cultivate up to six plants. Those who don’t grow their own will be able to purchase cannabis through state-licensed cannabis pharmacies.

Uruguay is the first nation in the world to legalize the sale and possession of recreational cannabis. The proposal that eventually become law was introduced by the nation’s President, José Mujica, who was nominated for a Nobel Peace Price in February.


11 thoughts on “Uruguay to Sell Cannabis Tax Free at Less Than $1 a Gram to Undercut Black Market”

  1. Go Uruguay. My one-half Canadian side wants your great country to show these stupid Redneck Americans (especially Washington State) how legalization is supposed to be done !

  2. Now, ban Monsanto from the country so they don’t contaminate the pot with a GMO no seed strain or any of their products. What about making oil from the plant and selling it. Will the government do that too?


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