Uruguay Expected to Legalize Cannabis Tuesday

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Uruguay Expected to Legalize Cannabis Tuesday

On Tuesday, Uruguay’s Senate will vote on historic legislation to make their nation the first in the world to legalize recreational cannabis. The Senate is expected to approve the proposal1111, which was initially introduced by the nation’s President, José Mujica, and has already been approved by the Uruguay House of Representatives, and the Senate Health Commission. Approval in the Senate on Tuesday will send the measure to Mijuica’s, who will quickly sign it into law. It will take effect after 120 days.

Under this new law, the possession of up to 40 grams of cannabis, as well as the private cultivation of up to 6 plants, will be legal for all adults 18 and older. In addition, cannabis will be sold through cannabis clubs, and medical cannabis will be distributed through pharmacies. According to officials, the government will sell cannabis for around $1 a gram.

Although places like Amsterdam tend to tolerate cannabis use, and in some instances even distribution, no country, since the beginning of cannabis prohibition, has outright legalized cannabis. Uruguay would instantly set a positive precedent for the world to follow.



  • elCubano
    December 7, 2013

    i hope uruguay just be the first of a big list of countries where marijuana is lega..

  • Gus
    December 9, 2013

    I´m uruguayan. We are known by our football legacy. We won world cup two times. The first in 1930. The second against Brazil, in Brazil in 1950. We won 15 world cups, more than any other team in Latin America. We finished 4th on 2010 SouthAfrican world cup. But a lot changed aswell here. The left party government left behind all the elitist way of thinking. Now this year we legalized abortion, legalized gay marriage, we will lelgalize soon that couples will have 3 attempts “for free” of in-vitro fertilization. We redesigned the healthcarre system with access to all the population of the country. We give money to the lowest economic classes to help them with their children in exchange to sending them to first and secondary school. We built a more fair society with investment from the outside world. We don´t change the rules for the people that invest in our country. We promote trade with new regions in Asia and new markets in mideast and Russia. We have new projects for trains, liquid gas transported via supertank ships and mega minery to extract iron. Unemployment is at 6 percent. Inflation is 8,5%. The society has become more fair. The taxes of those who earn more are higher than the ones who earn little.

    Tomorrow we legalize cannabis. But is not exactly that. Tomorrow we make a statement against narcotraffic. We start a peacefull war against narcos. People will not have to go to a dealer to buy cannabis, they will be able to go to a pharmacy, where there will be a traceability of the cannabis so the quality of the weed will be known, and the percentage of THC, etc. Pharmacies will sell up to 40 grams per person at 1 dollar. There will also be cannabic clubs were you could have a plant registered at your name. You can plant at home for personal consumption up to 6 plants, but you will also have to be registered. The intention is to have a more accurate idea of how many people consumes marihuana. There will be money invested in education aswell and in centers to treat other drug addictions. We are sending a strong message to the world and to the coverments specially. Stop fighting narcotraffic using guns. Let´s use an alternative way. Stop the bloodshed. Don´t you think that we deserve to live in a more peacefull world?

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