Uruguay Cannabis Sales Begin in Just a Few Weeks, to be Sold in Pharmacies

Uruguay Cannabis SalesIn just a few weeks dozens of pharmacies across Uruguay will be legally distributing cannabis to those 18 and older as part of new policy passed by lawmakers in 2013.

According to National Drugs Board Chairman Juan Andres Roballo, there are roughly 50 pharmacies registered to distribute the plant throughout the country, and around 20 cannabis clubs where cannabis can be consumed onsite. Roballo tells us that the initial batch of cannabis has already been harvested and is ready to sale, with the public able to purchase from pharmacies by the end of September.

The cannabis will be sold for an incredibly low price to help combat the black-market; just $0.90 (or 25 Uruguayan Pesos), with pharmacies able to mark the price up by 30% (making the maximum price $1.17/33 Uruguayan Pesos).

In addition to being able to purchase cannabis from pharmacies, those 18 and older can cultivate their own cannabis at home if they receive a licensed from the state; so far 5,000 people have opted for this route.

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