Update on the Role of Cannabinoids in Breast Cancer

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Evidence of a role for medical marijuana in treating cancer seems to be growing with every day that passes. Just this past month, an update (1) was published in the Oncology Nursing Forum (ONF) on the topic of medical marijuana and breast cancer. image (1)

Well, maybe not medical marijuana per say, but close enough. The update summarized the current state of breast cancer research so far and the potential for cannabinoids to be used as a medical treatment. Cannabinoids are the group of chemicals found in marijuana, such as THC and CBD.

While cancer research has yet to be conducted on actual marijuana, researchers have made great progress in this field by using THC instead. In fact, studies (2) show that THC has strong cancer-fighting effects and can prevent both tumor growth and cancer metastasis – the spreading of cancer to other parts of the body – when tested on animals. On the other hand, studies have yet to be done on humans, which makes it difficult for scientists to say for sure what the effects might be.

In the case of breast cancer, recent studies (3) suggest similar effects. This is encouraging to both patients and doctors alike, as breast cancer happens to be the most common form of cancer among women. In 2011, breast cancer claimed the lives of nearly 40,000 women in the US alone.

Susan Weiss Behrend, associate editor of the ONF and author of the article, concluded by stating:

“…cannabinoids have demonstrated antitumor activity in preclinical breast cancer models. Practicing oncology professionals need to be aware of the clinical potential of these agents…”

Having seen breast cancer affect the lives of many in my personal network, I can only imagine the stories that others have to tell of this terrible disease.

Until federal policies change, cancer patients will continue to have limited access to this medicine.

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1 thought on “Update on the Role of Cannabinoids in Breast Cancer”

  1. Ok, we all know what the problem “appears” to be – lack of peer reviewed research proving RSO cures cancer. There are several studies skirting the truth – latest one involving rats…

    What would it take to perform a real study in, lets say rats – RSO vs breast cancer? (pick your most hated/feared cancer) Gotta do it with enough rats to eliminate all doubt (from most people) lets say 300 rats (not just 10 of 20). All given cancer of the breast. 25 rats with no medical treatment intervention, 275 get RSO. Lets see what happens.

    Would this take a million dollars? 5 million? We could do a kickstarter project to fund it. I’ll put in 100. I have 3 friends who have suffered with this.

    Real research done right. Guided study, yes. Biased toward cannabis as a healer? Guilty as charged. Unbiased results? Absolutely.

    There have got to be qualified researchers and doctors out there who would be willing to take on this study. Someone in the cannabis community must know how to do a real study.

    I think crowdsourcing funding is the answer here.

    I’ll bet we could get Rick Simpson on board to help guide the research project – or at least consult. Could be done simultaneously in 2 countries, Czech Republic and Colorado US.

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