University Lecturer Receives Prestigious Neuroscience Award for Work With Cannabinoids

Dr. Eric Downer, an investigator and lecturer at the Department of Anatomy & Neuroscience at the University College Cork in Ireland, has become the newest recipient of the prestigious Neuroscience Ireland Early Career neuroscienceInvestigator Award for his pioneering work using cannabinoids to treat multiple sclerosis.

‘It is an important time in the field of cannabinoid-based scientific research, particularly in terms of cannabis-based therapies associated with MS’, says Dr Downer, “My research has indicated that MS patient cells, and not cells isolated from healthy individuals, respond to cannabinoid therapy in terms of boosting protective intracellular signaling events.”

He continues; “The current goal of my research group is to establish the precise cellular and molecular mechanism by which cannabinoids control such events in MS patients, and furthermore aims to establish the relevance of this to the progression of the disease.’

Dr Downer has published over 20 research articles, and is a scientific reviewer for 13 journals. He serves as Editor for the British Journal of Pharmacology, Advances in Medicine, International Journal of Cell Biology and Neuroscience Journal.


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