UFC Softens Marijuana Testing Policy

UFC Softens Marijuana Testing Policy

After months of outcry from fans for a change, and after the World Anti-Doping Agency recently changed its policy regarding marijuana, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has changed its testing policy to be substantially more lenient towards marijuana.Logo-the-ultimate-fighting-championship-250777_800_600

Under the new policy someone won’t have “failed” a drug test unless they have at least 150 nanograms per milliter (ng/ml) of THC in their system. Before the policy shift, the limit was 50 ng/ml. The 50 ng/ml limit was already higher than the 15 ng/ml limit recommended by the World Anti-Doping Agency before their change in policy, but it was still a limit that found individuals failing a test sometimes days after last consumption. The shift is far from perfect – as, of course, marijuana shouldn’t be tested for at all – but it’s still a considerable step in the right direction.

The outcry from fans for a policy shift came after the bans of of several fighters, including the year-long ban of high-profile fighter Nick Diaz for testing positive for marijuana.


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