U.S. House Committee Approves Bill Directing the DEA to Streamline Cannabis Research Approval Process

U.S. House Committee Approves Bill Directing the DEA to Streamline Cannabis Research Approval Process

marijuana2008The United States House Appropriations Committee has voted to approve legislation that would direct the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to determine a plan for accelerating the approval process for those wanting to study cannabis.

Specifically, the provision – which is attached to a federal spending bill – mandates the agency to “review all relevant DEA rules governing research on the medical efficacy of marijuana and determine ways to facilitate further research through streamlining the DEA approval process.”

Surprisingly, the bill was championed by Representative Andy Harris, a Maryland Republican who attempted earlier this year to stop Washington D.C. from implementing a law that legalized the possession and cultivation of cannabis.

Mike Liszewski, Director of Government Affairs for Americans for Safe Access, says the bill is a positive step forward, but may not be enough of a change to accomplish what it sets out to do; “The language is certainly welcome in its apparent attempt to facilitate research”, Liszewski says, “but in practical terms, I’m not sure that it would accomplish that end”.

The Fiscal Year 2016 Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies Appropriations Act is now up for a full House vote.



  • Windell crowell
    May 24, 2015

    More than 40 yrs have passed since I started using cannabis for PTSD.it is by far better than any pill pusher ever prescribed, and also less harmful to the body. DECREMALIZ, by all means, some states are now prescribing CANNABIS for patients with PTSD, AND NUMEROUS OTHER MEDICAL PROBLEMS. IT is not fair that the Government says someone else can be prescribed cannabis And others ,no chance.
    It is time to face reliability, cannabis works.

  • Ricky
    May 24, 2015

    This could be helpful to study the Effects of Cannabis for a lot of medical issues, but I think the most worthy evidence is that people of every age WANT MORE CANNABIS an less pills. I happen to take pills every day and I hate the side effects. I Can reduce the number of meds I need to take and I FEEL MUCH BETTER with time I think I might b able to STOP TAKING SOME OF THEM=EEEEEEHA

  • briana
    May 25, 2015

    I was on 3 seizure medications at one time,and still having frequent seizures they just need to step back an let this happen. Its obviously better for everyone.

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