U.K.: Parliament Votes Unanimously on Bill to Legalize Medical Cannabis

Legislation that would legalize medical cannabis has been approved through its first reading in the U.K. Parliament.

The proposal, introduced by MP Paul Flynn, was passed on a unanimous vote.

“The bill went through its first reading today without opposition,” said Flynn in an interview with Marijuana.com. “The other matter, which was of more importance is that a few hundred people gathered up here and broke the law. I invited them here and suggest they [consume cannabis] because the law has proved to be an ass.”

Flynn noted that he was thankful that there were no arrests at the protest. “They could have been thrown into jail for five years for what they did. I think we’ve got to say to the government now, if they are so cowardly and unintelligent as to believe that an illegal market is better than a legal market, it is up to the public to prove that [they] are wrong.”

Flynn says that he “didn’t take any cannabis today but I would have if there had been any arrests. I would have joined in solidarity, having made the call for people to do it. People were using cannabis in cakes, in drinks and used as a vapor.”

Parliament is expected to hold a second reading for Flynn’s measure in February.

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