Two New Qualifying Conditions Added to New Mexico’s Medical Cannabis Program

Those with Parkinson’s disease and Huntington’s disease who receive a recommendation from their physician will be authorized to possess medical cannabis legally under new rule changes nmapproved by Governor Susana Martinez.

“Friday’s announcement demonstrates the response from the Martinez administration we have been seeking for a long time,” said Emily Kaltenbach, New Mexico Director of the Drug Policy Alliance, which has been trying to get these, and other conditions added to the program for several years now.

“It appears the Martinez Administration’s position on medical marijuana is evolving in support of increased access to medical marijuana.  However, we will not rest until the Martinez Administration continues to demonstrate, as they did on Friday, that they will not turn their backs on medical marijuana patients.”

During her campaign for governor in 2010, Martinez vowed to repeal the state’s medical cannabis law, though she has since backed off from that goal.

The Drug Policy Alliance plans to continue working towards adding additional conditions to the list of those that qualifying an individual to be a medical cannabis patient.


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