Two Houses Made from Hemp Built in Bellingham, Washington

Pam Bosch in the process of building one of her hemp homes.
Pam Bosch in the process of building one of her hemp homes.

In an example of how diverse the plant can be, Pam Bosch, a resident of Bellingham, Washington, has built two small houses made almost entirely out of hemp.

Bosch, who has never built a house before, is using hemp herd, which she says is like straw but “stronger”, and is using lime mixed with hemp for plaster.

“Anybody can do this,” says Bosch. “Grandma can do it. Grandma’s doing it.”

“We need to be building this way,” Bosch told King 5, who used hemp imported from Europe. “We should have as many buildings as we can that are built out of a renewable resource that sequesters carbon, that is healthy and if it were legal would be very affordable. It’s an agricultural waste product we’re using.”

Because hemp house permits don’t exist, Bosch had to keep the houses from being larger than 120 square feet.

“I’m investing in this because I believe in it and believe someone’s got to do it to make it legal,” says Bosch.


7 thoughts on “Two Houses Made from Hemp Built in Bellingham, Washington”

  1. also in 19 teens Henry Fords model T was made out of steel frame and everything else in his model T was made out of hemp. By the way he also made a combusible fuel out of hemp seed (oil) that ran his Model T BUT the same year Gulf oil company opened its first fossil fuel gasoline station. Google it if u don’t believe.

  2. Adrian I’ll bet they hold up longer than the plastics vinyl and wood products they use today. Just look at the long life of hemp clothing. Another example Hemp paper, our constitution and Declaration of Independence were wrote on Hemp paper can still be seen on display and these documents were wrote and signed in what 1776 still readable and haven’t disinegraded yet.

  3. affordable shelter for homeless, and cheaper dog houses. keep the trees making o2. and when’s the last time you did something amazing with your granny?

    • I would assume they can last pretty damn long being in a plaster they will not degrade for a verrrrry long time. If you saved enough money, maybe you could afford a storm shelter for those that live in tornado ally. Also, they might be a little safer, assuming you have that storm shelter, because it would be a less deadly debrey. All speculation, I don’t actually have a clue.

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