Trump Close to Naming Marijuana Legalization Advocate to head FDA

According to Rachel Maddow, Trump is “close to naming” Jim O’Neil as head of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Jim O’Neil. (Photo:

O’Neil is not only a supporter of legalizing marijuana, he has publicly worked towards it. He previously served on the Board of Directors for the Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform (CCPR).

According to their website, CCPR is; “a nonpartisan organization dedicated to replacing the harmful policy of cannabis prohibition with reasonable regulation, based on science, through ballot initiatives, legislative collaboration and public education campaigns.”

O’Neil is also closely associated with billionaire Peter Thiel, who co-founded Paypal and is also a strong supporter of legalizing marijuana.

O’Neil is not a physician nor does he have a medical background; however, he did spend years working for the Health and Human Services Department.

When Trump will finalize the pick is currently unknown.

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