Top 5 Best Online Cannabis Education Schools

Top 5 Best Online Cannabis Education Schools

The emergence of the business of cannabis in the last few years is indicative of how popular it is becoming with the passing years. Cannabis has its claimed benefits as well as side effects. A lot of confusion comes with the subject matter also as the plant contains some compounds which are beneficial to the body system. The cannabis experience varies from individual to individual. It is however significant to be educated on the plant and its involvement to be able to help consumers have a positive experience. There are some online cannabis education schools that help with this.

Let us tour some of them.


Cleveland School of Cannabis


The Cleveland School of Cannabis is a highly respected cannabis school that recently switched the offering of its high-class courses online due to the coronavirus pandemic. The school has three main focuses which are:


  • Cannabis horticulture
  • Cannabis dispensary training and
  • The medical applications of cannabis


Classes originally used to take place in a brick-and-mortar campus just south of Cleveland before the switch to online classes. The cannabis classes last for 25 hours at least and to get a major, you will have to sacrifice 150 hours. Some of the courses are:


  • History of Cannabis
  • The Endocannabinoid System and
  • Cannabis Law and Policies


The school also offers some competitive executive programs like:


  • Medical Applications of Cannabis Program for a fee of $6,500
  • Cannabis Horticulture Program for a fee of $6,500
  • Cannabis Business Program for a fee of $6,500 and
  • Cannabis Executive Program for a fee of $12,500


Though these courses are expensive, the school offers some scholarships to deserving prospective students especially those with demonstrated need.


Oaksterdam University




Founded about fourteen years ago, Oaksterdam University is recognized as the first American cannabis college. Located in Oakland, California, the school doesn’t have a large staff base. The political institution was founded by medical cannabis activist Richard Lee.


This school offers quality training for those in the cannabis industry with a view to making it legal in the future. Recently, the school has taken its tutoring on the streets to achieve more sensitization. They conduct regular seminars in order to meet the demand for education. The University has graduated more than 25,000 students as of today.


The school has two main programs. There is a classic curriculum and the horticultural aspect. The classic curriculum is more comprehensive as it teaches students about the industry while the horticultural program deals in teaching you to grow the plants yourself. Each program is taken in 14-week semesters every other weekend. It includes lessons on political issues, legal issues, horticulture as well as managing the business. If you intend to study in this school, you can prepare all your documents which will aid your application, convert to pdf, and then put forth your application.


Clover Leaf University


Clover leaf University is the only cannabis-identified University that is approved, regulated, and licensed by the Department of Higher Education’s Private Occupational School Board. Founded about twelve years ago in Colorado, the school has trained so many entrepreneurs who have started successful and compliant businesses in the cannabis industry.


It offers an expansive selection of courses and certifications and this includes cannabis industry job training and seminars on growing and cultivating cannabis. The University offers the most elite training currently available to the cannabis industry today.


Higher education acknowledges CLU certifications. It has over 50 faculty members that are approved by the university. The cannabis courses available in CLU are:


  • Cannabis budtender certification
  • Dispensary management procedures
  • Cannabis cultivation 101
  • Cannabis cultivation 102
  • Industrial hemp cultivation


Each of the courses consists of classroom sessions of four hours each. The con for Clover Leaf University is the fact that the courses are expensive but there are a number of pros too.


  • CLU offers cannabis-specific certifications
  • Students are expected to work hard but it is not compulsory for them to spend almost all of their free time on the courses.
  • The courses are very detailed
  • The school is also licensed to operate in Colorado



The Medical Cannabis Institute


This school is best for medical professionals who want to learn about medical cannabis and the potential clinical applications. The fee for each course could range from $39 to $289. The school takes a science-based approach to cannabis. The curriculum is provided by the Society of Cannabis Clinicians and the American Cannabis Nurses Association. These Association bodies know more about the subject than anybody else in the business.


The school offers eight courses. Two of them offer certificates upon completion while five others provide physician continuing medical education accreditation. The courses are affordable and are tailored towards medical professionals who want to satisfy their curiosity about the cannabis business.


THC University



One advantage that THC University has is that resumes of graduates from this school are featured by the Cannabis Jobs Board. This board sends top graduates’ resumes to thousands of employers in the Cannabis industry.


THC offers only online classes offering training in fourteen qualifications. The most reviewed of those fourteen qualifications are the Budtender certification and Associate’s Degree Budtender. Depending on the qualification you want, your training could last for only an hour or it could be as long as six months. The range of fees is between $50 and $500. The school is not as expensive as most of the schools that do cannabis-related training. So, if you are a complete cannabis greenhorn, THC University is a low-cost way to gain more knowledge. The certifications you will get may not be as relevant as those from other expensive universities offering the same courses. The school has eight certificate programs, boasts about 11,000 students and more than 200 graduates that are in employment. THCU requires a pass rate of 90% in all their exams. The courses available to you are:


  • Introduction to Cannabidiol (CBD)
  • Terpenes: The Healing Link Between Essential Oils and Cannabis
  • Budtender Basics
  • Marijuana 101 certifications
  • Grow Basics Certifications
  • Horticulture Specialist Certification
  • Cannabis Business Certification
  • Colorado and Washington Safety and Regulation Certification


As the world moves towards the legalization of cannabis, it is important that the awareness of how it affects different users is made public. This is where the importance of cannabis education comes in. If you want to read up on some additional cannabis focused schools, try our Educational Page to see what other schools and programs may exist. There are so many online schools that teach about cannabis and its effect on those that use it. If you are looking to enroll in one of these schools, you can check out some of them in this write-up and make your choice according to your financial capability.


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