Tomorrow Vermont Governor Will Sign or Veto Bill to Legalize Marijuana

Vermont Governor Phil Scott says that tomorrow he will either sign into law, or veto a measure to legalize marijuana.

Governor Phil Scott has until tomorrow, May 24th to either sign or veto a legislature-approved measure (Senate Bill 22) to legalize marijuana. If Scott doesn’t act, the bill will become law without his signature, something he says he won’t allow.

Governor Scott says that he has yet to decide whether or not he will sign or veto the measure, which would legalize the possession and personal cultivation of marijuana for those 21 and older. The bill would allow possession of up to an ounce, and personal cultivation of up to two mature and four immature plants. A commission would be established to study the possible legalization of cannabis retail outlets.

If Senate Bill 22 becomes law, Vermont would be the first state to legalize marijuana through the legislative process; all eight states that currently have legal cannabis policies did so through citizen initiatives.

According to a Public Policy Polling survey released in March, 55% of voters in Vermont are in support of legalizing marijuana possession for those 21 and older, with 54% in support of regulating cannabis similar to alcohol.

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