Three Marijuana Strains Inspired by Game of Thrones

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Three Marijuana Strains Inspired by Game of Thrones

By Evan Hundhausen,

With the seventh season of Game of Thrones officially over, and with just one season remaining, we thought now was the time to take a look at some marijuana strains inspired by the hit show.

Whitewalker OG

Whitewalker OG is bred by Gold Coast Extracts. It won first place at the High Times 2013 Amsterdam Cannabis Cup. Jake Browne of “The Cannabist” said this after sampling the strain, “(it) almost entirely shut down the speech center of my brain and made movement feel labored.” Woh, man! Maybe that’s exactly how those white walkers in the show really feel anyhow. You can also find another strain called White Walker Kush bred by DNA genetics.


Khaleesi Kush

Khaleesi Kush is a Game of Thrones strain invented by HighRise Seeds, but the seeds seem to have sold out fast and are not available at the time of this writing. It’s an indica and has genetics of Lavatera, Pakistani Kush and Bubblegum.


Delta Extrax


Blackwater is a potent Indica, which received 3rd place at the High Times 2014 Los Angeles Cannabis Cup. The flowers are purple and known to be sticky with a grape aroma. It’s bred by The Cali Connection. Just to remind you, “The Battle of the Blackwater” was when Tyrion Lannister (Yes, the short guy.) lead his army into battle and sent out the stuff called “wildfire” blowing up all those ships!

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