The Top Edibles Recipes As Rated By Weed Experts

The Top Edibles Recipes As Rated By Weed Experts

Cannabis cooking is an art, and these top edibles recipes prove just how great art tastes. From the Martha Stewart of marijuana edibles to a pot brownie bracket, check out the top weed edibles recipes from weed experts.


Check out these amazing recipes and cooking ideas that will help you become the master chef at infusing cannabis into your daily meals.


Put-It-On-Everything Cannabutter.


Delta Extrax

The basics must be mastered first. The Cannabist columnist Laurie Wolf is a trained chef and recipe writer for high-quality medicated food. She’s known as the Martha Stewart of marijuana edibles, and she recently shared her go-to recipe for cannabutter. Along the same lines, The Joint Blog put our own cannabutter recipe base on the best recipes we found out there.


Put it on toast, melt it into baked potatoes, sautée it in a pan of asparagus, and butter up Sunday morning pancakes and waffles. It’s the must-have ingredient for cannabis cooking.


If you have any sensitivity to dairy, then we would suggest you have a try of our Cannabis-infused nut butter.

Wolf also shared recipes for Smokin’ Mac ‘N Cheese, Grandma’s Medicated Peanut Butter Cookies, and more. Catch her on The Cannabist Kitchen Kush.


Green Dragon: Cannabis-Infused Liquor


Who said weed is only good for food recipes? Munchies, VICE’s food digital channel, shares a beverage recipe that heats up marijuana and alcohol at a low temperature to infuse two devilishly delicious ingredients. (Munchies recommends using vodka.) Simply buy weed online, pick up some vodka, and follow the recipe from there.


Triple Chocolate Pot Brownies


Leafly blended March Madness with reefer madness to create a chocolate pot brownie bake-off. The championship was between Wolf and the Leafly editor’s mom. Wolf won again for her Triple Chocolate Pot Brownies, but all contenders notched top spots in the pot brownie competition.


Stuffed Stoned Jalapeño Poppers


The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook has too many delicious edibles recipes to list, but Stuffed Stoned Jalapeño Poppers pull the top spot for creativity and deliciousness. Other Snoop Dogg- and Willie Nelson-inspired recipes include Time Warp Tamales, Sativa Shrimp Spring Rolls, Pico de Ganja Nachos, and Pineapple Express Upside-Down Cake.


Aunt Sandy’s Medical Marijuana Popcorn


Weed popcorn is the ultimate stoner snack. Aunt Sandy has you covered with this must-have edibles recipe that includes cannabutter, popcorn kernels, canola or vegetable oil (or cannaoil for an extra high), and kosher salt.

Cannafire Buffalo Wings. A tailgater’s best bud are these Cannafire Buffalo Wings. To round out your stoner tailgate menu, add Bud ‘N Blue Cheese Dip, BBQ Cannabis Nachos, and Super Lemon Haze Mexican Guacamole. You can pick up most of these ingredients from the store & select your favourite mail order marijuana strains online to get started.


Marijuana-Infused Raw Vegan Energy Balls


Vegans deserve a little weed love, too. These raw vegan energy balls are infused with weed, making them the edible that defies the couchlock stereotype. Mix cashews, sunflower seeds, dates, maple or agave syrup, almond butter, vanilla, sea salt, and the Holy Grail of cannabis cooking cannabutter.

Feeling like a cannabis connoisseur? Top the balls with chia seeds, coconut flakes, rolled oats, mini chocolate chips, dried fruit, or chopped nuts.


Weed Bacon. Nothing is better than bacon – except maybe weed. Blend the two for the ultimate edible. Also known as Bacanna-bliss, Weed Bacon is has exactly two ingredients. It couldn’t be easier to enjoy an edible.


Edibles are an amazing way to consume any cannabis strain. No learning how to roll a joint, or remembering to charge the dab pen. Cannabis cooking is fun, and you can make bulk edibles for whenever you feel like unwinding. Cook, consume, and repeat.

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