The Top 10 Marijuana Strains for Staying Productive (and Awake) Throughout the Day

Here are the top 10 marijuana strains for staying productive (or just awake) throughout the day.

Unsurprisingly, the top eight on this list of 10 productive marijuana strains are sativa-dominant. Sativa strains are known for their energetic, often uplifting highs. By contrast, indica-dominant strains tend to bring a more mellow high that can sometimes be a bit sleep-inducing.

Using data compiled by Leafly, here are the top 10 marijuana strains for staying productive throughout the day:


Green Crack

Average rating: 4.3/5 from 4,157 reviews.

Jack Herer

Average rating: 4.4/5 from 2,638 reviews.

Durban Poison

Average rating: 4.5/5 from 1,903 reviews.

Super Lemon Haze

Average rating: 4.4/5 from 1,316 reviews.


Average rating: 4.3/5 from 864 reviews.


Average rating: 4.3/5 from 849 reviews.


Average rating: 4.3/5 from 643 reviews.

Island Sweet Skunk

Average rating: 4.3/5 from 546 reviews.


Average rating: 4.4/5 from 531 reviews.


Average rating: 4.5/5 from 519 reviews.

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