The Rise of CBD Educated Professionals

The Rise of CBD Educated Professionals

The use of CBD has skyrocketed amongst everyday Americans. With CBD therapy becoming less taboo and more commonplace, even people in lower levels of companies have started reaping CBDs benefits. Everything from CBD flowers to CBD-infused bottled water has become readily available in various locations from gas stations to head shops to high-end stores. Now that CBD is more widely distributed quality and standards are very important to professionals. Many companies are providing training through CBD certification courses to ensure their employees are educated on the subject.

Looking forward to the industry, more people are going to wonder, “Are the products being sold what is really advertised?” You can find more information on at CBD Education Online, a website dedicated to providing the latest and greatest CBD knowledge. With standards rising, one can only assume the social makeup of people who might not have tried CBD in years past is changing as well. So with so many things being infused with CBD, who are the people really innovating the industry?


When it comes to vast fortune 500 companies, some have become industry forerunners Alki David the Coca-Cola business mogul. He has been so involved with CBD that he was recently arrested with 5,000 hemp plants and over a million dollars worth of CBD product. David, age 50, and the majority shareholder and heir to Coca-Cola Hellenic a company responsible for disturbing and bottling cola in the Mediterranean region. His claim that the plants and products had CBD was not found to be anything but criminal by local authorities; he has since been released on $300,000 bail. The reason for David possessing these plants was a business venture to bring CBD farming to a remote area of Puerto Rico then buy the product for his CBD company Swissx. It is a very profitable venture for both the cola mogul and the destitute Puerto Rican farmer.


Not everyone has to be a billionaire to innovate in a changing industry. While not explicitly a CBD shop 5150 Chocolate Co. from Delray Beach, Florida, has set a high standard when it comes to small business to incorporate CBD into their products. Head Chocolatier Tyler Levitz brings the same passion that he has for sourcing little batch cacao into sourcing laboratory tested CBD. Chocolate infusions as low as 10mg CBD are available only on occasion. When they are available, there is a lab analysis of the CBD being used. This is an excellent example of not only how small business can incorporate CBD into their business model but also a perfect example of how to do it transparently and ethically. Oddly enough, its 5150s fake CBD THC-free white chocolate “nugs” keep getting flagged on Instagram.


Another individual making great strides in cannabis is Vern Mathis. He is a master grower from Oregon who has made it his mission to link cultivators from seed to sale in Oregon. By banding together with companies in every stage of the process, Vern has made a very active organization called Oregon Cannabis Association. The OCA is responsible for not only being a place of shared community for licensed facilities but also an advocate for cannabis law and regulation. Along with sharing his vast knowledge of marijuana, Vern has also applied this knowledge in cultivation to hemp and CBD related products. His CBD company is called Nice CBD and features everything from dog treats to cosmetic products.


With CBD ever-expanding experts from cultivation to extraction and even business moguls are becoming more and more speculative in the growing industry. Since marijuana products are often state-licensed and tested the rigorous standards have been set, and with no state or FDA run a program to license these products, the industry is turning to privacy standards and practices. With stories about fraudulent or mislabeled CBD products, the smart consumer won’t trust the gas station’s medicine.

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