The Pros of Growing Your Own Marijuana Plants

The Pros of Growing Your Own Marijuana Plants

When you are a regular cannabis user, the idea to start growing your own weed plants becomes inevitable at some point. You realize that instead of paying ridiculous amounts of money to some stranger, you can actually start to take care of your own cannabis plants and save lots of cash and time.


So if you’re fortunate enough that you have the space, the cool roommates, and the will to start growing your own marijuana plants then you might be wondering first if it is indeed all worth it. Let’s go through the pros of growing your own marijuana plants.


To begin with, as we’ve previously mentioned, the money factor. When you don’t grow your own weed, you have to spend money weekly, or monthly, according to the frequency of your use. Think about the sum all of that money you gladly give to your nearest dispensary would make. And perhaps, if you live in a country where cannabis isn’t yet legal, then let’s not even think about how rich you and your friends are making your dealer (and let’s not even mention all those times that you got less than what you asked for). Money-wise, although cultivating marijuana does involve some expenses as well, in the long run, it’s going to save you some good money.

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Furthermore, concerning the quality of the products, a.k.a. the buds, a lot can vary when you jumpstart your home cannabis operation. While, yes, indeed, in the beginning you won’t be the Walter White of weed growing, or perhaps you had some natural skills, who knows. However, when you grow your own buds they actually taste kind of homemade, with lots of love (and hopefully THC). What I’m trying to say is, when you grow at home, you are in control of absolutely everything, it’s like you’re the god for your weed plants, or their parent if you have daddy/mommy issues. And when you’re in control of it all and have actually improved your cultivation skills a little bit, then you’ll definitely see some results. Trying out different techniques, testing out different nutrients and strains you’ll be able to get to know your taste in weed better, and always, hopefully, obtaining better buds, closer to your expectations or even better.


Now if I yet haven’t portrayed the beauty in growing marijuana at home it’s because I’ve saved the best for last. The best and most enjoyable part of growing your own cannabis is the part where you have to take care of your plant. Just like having a pet to be in charge of is known for helping people therapeutically, helping them stay grounded, taking care of a plant is slightly similar. When you commit to taking care of a plant, any plant for what matters, you engage in a routine of healthy rituals, watering, checking that she’s alright, cleaning it, etc. All these will lift up your mood, without you even realizing it. Being the reason why other living lives can be extremely satisfying, you’ll most likely grow fond of your baby weed plants and enjoy yourself as you take care of them.


Okay I want to try it but what if my roommates are against it? We’ve all been there, wanting to start growing our own marijuana plants and finding it hard to convince our housemates, whether it is family or friends, who aren’t regular cannabis users to agree on it.


But this doesn’t mean you should give up your dreams of becoming a home cultivator, never! Every hero must fight for his battles, so we’re not folding our arms, not just yet. There are in fact a few tricks you could do to finally be able to start your home cannabis operation

Step 1: Talking about it!

Okay, so really, sometimes all you need to do to convince your housemates to agree on your weed planting ideas is to do some talking, as simple as that.


Approach this person or persons with an optimistic disposition, if you face the situation already with a bad outlook, you most likely won’t be set to convincing anyone. Besides, if you look confident, you’re going to promote that confidence, which you will need by your side. The first step is putting out there that you’re looking to plant your own weed plants, and don’t forget to mention the practical effects this will have on your life. To begin with, say goodbye to all that money spent buying grams off of someone else. And did we forget to mention it’s just a plant that we’re talking about, besides when you grow it in your own garden we could say it’s much ‘safer’ since you know exactly where everything comes from, what it is and what it was fed and basically everything there is to know about the plant.


Now we didn’t want to drop this one on the table but if the crowd’s being a little tough, then definitely do mention the legalities involved with cannabis. If it’s legal to grow marijuana in your country of residence, then congratulations my friend, we could almost affirm that you’ve won this battle. If it isn’t, then you could still try using this as an argument to sustain your theory that you should definitely plant weed at home.


Depending on who you’re trying to convince, perhaps this step was all you needed to make it, but sometimes it takes some bigger efforts.


Step 2: Keep on talking about it

Now I’m not saying you should tire your audience’s ears trying to convince them to agree on your plans of growing marijuana, although we’re not saying this won’t work either, the talking in step 2 is a different talking from step 1’s.


This talking involves some discretion and patience. What you’ll need to do basically consists of normalizing marijuana in this person(s) eyes. How? Getting rid of the taboo surrounding the topic. How? Un-tabooing. How? Talking about it!


To our luck, movies, series, and even TV are already doing part of the job here. We see it all the time, hundreds of weed-related jokes and stoner movie characters.

So if you want your housemates to stop seeing weed as a taboo, talk casually about it every time you get the chance, when you see something on TV or read something interesting about it, etc.


Step 3: Dropping the Tent Bomb

Now if these peops you’re set to convince are really stubborn, can’t you answer back with the exact same stubbornness? Feeling like the little devil on your shoulder. Yes, we’re suggesting you go and plant anyway unless it can cost you your house, what’s the worst that could happen, some arguing?


You could set a grow tent in your room or balcony, and this way bother no one with your plants and their smell. If you have to go really undercover, you could also make an indoor inside your closet. Anyway, we all kind of have the same rights to choose, or at least we should, so no one should be able to give you a no for an answer without any valid arguments.


Before I close on the topic, I thought pointing out that the quality of the seeds you buy may have a big impact on the overall process. I don’t mean go and buy only the best autoflowering seeds you can find, although getting them from a good seeds bank such as Fast Buds would be a safe move, just don’t go cheap on this aspect or you could face some disappointments. Go ahead now, get some seeds and start enjoying your journey with your plants!



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