The ‘Legalize Virus’ Escapes!

By John Wind Bell a.k.a Leaf Forall, comedian and author

Much to the chagrin of the prohibitionist in the USA and around the World, two states stepped forward last year, denounced the lies and propaganda, and removed the eighty year old shackles from their people so they can breathe easier, and yes, exhale easier. Their action has caused a ‘legalize virus’ to escape and spread through-out the land! And maybe across the ‘Pond’, as well as up North to our dear friends in Cacannabisnada.

Since the legal medical marijuana ‘virus’ has spread after California set it free, now 18 States have caught the virus, there’s no telling how many States can hold on and not succumb to rational thought, another side effect of the virus. Or possibly States will just ‘puff’n pass-up’ the MMJ bills for legalization instead. As if they need the President’s pat of approval.

WATCHOUT now they gonna get cha, never know might be coming down your street! This legalize virus spreads by word of mouth that then causes the ears to ring. But this ring, part of the transformation, is more like a bell that clangs the victim to shutter with pleasure, and tolls the poor people with so much love of Liberty and Justice they can’t handle it, and collapse in tears of joy. Some have been known to soil themselves.

It didn’t take long for the Virus to move across the country and infect Pennsylvania. On Monday, February 11th, Pennsylvania State Senator Daylin Leach officially introduced a bill to tax and regulate marijuana in Pennsylvania, a measure he believes will raise much needed revenue for the state.

“This past November, the good people of Washington State and Colorado voted to fully legalize marijuana,” said Leach. “It is time for Pennsylvania to be a leader in jettisoning this modern-day prohibition, and ending a policy that has been destructive, costly and anti-scientific.”

I agree with Sen. Daylin Leach, and should have yelled, “you’re a patriot, sir,” but I wanted to blend in with the media, and this was Pennsylvania, no less, Capital or not. I am the loudest clapper, I’m proud to say. For some here ‘PA’ stands for Prohibition Alley. In the halls afterwards I heard, “this will probably be the last state to legalize, which is a shame. PA was very prosperous from it’s HEMP harvest, just too, too long ago. “It is inevitable,” as the senator said in my video.

 The only country’s of the world that can come close to what Colorado and Washington did this past November are Amsterdam and Bangladesh. (the 2 dark blue areas of the map above) But they are not really legal in the true sense of the word, and nor is Colorado and Washington. These four areas of the World, or euphoric havens, still have strict laws concerning the consumption of the herb, resembling the laws concerning alcohol drinking; the first prohibition.
It will be interesting to see this map in a few years, and see how far the legalize virus has spread. There is still more red than blue, but the light blue and pink are certainly infected, the gateway, and will no doubt soon succumb to ‘total absorption,’ to coin the President’s daze, I mean phrase.


MITCH MCCONNELL WANTS TO LEGALIZE HEMP : Shocked by the knowledge that marijuana is currently included in the same illegal drug category as LSD, heroin, and ecstasy? Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is too. The Republican from Kentucky has formed an unlikely alliance with Sens. Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley—two Dems from Oregon—in the crusade to let American farmers grow hemp legally. “During these tough economic times, this legislation has the potential to create jobs and provide a boost to Kentucky’s economy and to our farmers and their families,” said McConnell in a statement explaining the push, which is also supported by Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul.

And ya know what really feeds this virus and keeps it plump and fertile and prolific as a wild fire? And ya don’t have to be a stoner to understand this, no body, that’s a ZERO, has ever died, or OD’d from over consumption, or absorption, of this plant, however used. EVER. That’s pretty amazing when you consider all the people that have died from over-consuming alcohol and tobacco cigarettes, the legal drugs, and taking into consideration how much stronger the herb is these days, and how much they are smoking this new herb, or rather these new, ‘exotic strains’ or ‘meds’ as they are called. And smoking is now referred to as medicating, and a ‘joint’ is instead a delivery device, a smoker is a patient, and a bar tender is morphing into a ‘bud tender.’

W A R N I N G …. there are many side effects attributed to this virus, but as I said, not fatal, so chill, they are positive. But they certainly aren’t positive and very ‘fatal’ if you’re a ‘hell bent prohibit-or’ with a control agenda. There will certainly be more effects popping up in the future from these States, but the first noticeable side-effects reported from Washington State and Colorado, I don’t know anybody in Bangladesh, is the effect of uncontrollable crying. All races and religions of people breaking down in tears because they just can’t handle it. Finally in their life, they don’t feel like criminals and out casts. No longer do they have to hide and keep an eye over their shoulder and live in fear and paranoia.

Other meaningful positive side-effects: (I’ll be adding to these as the smoke clears a bit)

  • Putting the ‘marijuana cartel’ out of business. (the meds will be better)
  • Letting the police (FBI, CIA, DEA,) force focus on ‘bigger fish to fry’ !
  • Non-violent pot offenders in prison can go home to their family’s and leave the ‘prison complex.’
  • The State will not only gain revenue from taxes, the robust commodity hemp will be available to our farmers again.


As to why this plant Cannabis is still illegal:

There are two main reasons that this plant Cannabis is illegal:

First; Industrial/Economic and second a humanitarian aspect. According to the first if cannabis is legalized; human beings will become more efficient in their productions and a lot of industries will be dissolved due to weaker materials and inefficient processing methods becoming obsolete and being replaced by hemp.

Hemp’s malleability, durability, strength, absorption, variety, and versatility renders it the best without a competitor, producing more than 25,000 eco/cost friendly products; that is an immense range from just one plant that grows within a month’s time on most landscapes and in almost any weather.

Cannabis can never be patented and therefore criminalizing it has been a corporate endeavor ever since its prohibition because corporations can not afford people becoming independent of them and their primitive harmful products.

As for the second, if marijuana is legalized and the vast majority starts consuming it, people would start having an increased spiritual consciousness that would lead to a change of heart and an altered mindset. When people are under the effects of marijuana the brain is revitalized, it turns them into pacifists which is bad for war. They think according to logic and reason and begin to question pivotal concepts like existence, culture, governance, law and economics which is bad for nationalistic ideals & religions – the two major elements that separate human beings from each other.

People become very creative with a heightened sense of novelty and that is bad for a uniformly subdued society with a herd mentality, people start to value money less; turning against consumerism and a materialistic society have proved with its subject’s predatory mentality to be the backbone for sustaining a modern state of slavery and eventually they realize that the most absurd invention is governance leading the people into Anarchy.

*That is why Cannabis is the most feared and most spent on plant in law-enforcement History! This is a crime committed against the earth and its children by a trinity of beneficiaries whom have been relentlessly maintaining this absurd ban forming a cartel comprised of the government, banks, and drug dealers.”

John Wind Bell is the author of this guest article.
John Wind Bell is the author of this guest article.

4 thoughts on “The ‘Legalize Virus’ Escapes!”

  1. Through the words written in this article, the only conclusion I can reach is that the author of this article doesn’t fully understand the economic rationale for why medical marijuana is categorized as Schedule 1 (meaning no known medical use & highly controlled substance) and made illegal by the Feds. It is rather simple, MONEY & COMPETITION. I won’t get into all the specifics here as I have written enough about this subject over the last twenty years or so that I care not to repeat it here, but when you know about the 17.5 year Patent that the US Government filed in October of 2003 that doesn’t expire until 2021, you understand the powerful lobbyist who have given BIG MONEY to the government to keep this product illegal until they can successful stand-up a near-monopoly cartel (which they’ve now completed), you will really be discussing what has been going on at least for the last 10 years in regard to medical marijuana and other uses for cannabis. Simply check out this patent carefully, and use your head, you’ll get it!

  2. Washington state did not legalize anything. I-502 only relaxes prohibition around letting you posses an ounce of weed bought from the state at 75% taxes. This these remedial liquor board oafs think is going to end the black market. Well Paco grows in a state park. So Paco pays jack for rent. & Paco doesn’t pay minimum wage so Paco grows weed at a pittance of what the state can procure, test & tax weed at. Paco can beat any state price so this is not the way to get Paco out of our state. I named what we actually have prohibitchin. We will not end the black market until all adults can have a small grow. That way those too poor to pay exorbitant prices can grow their own & only pay tax if they sell or buy.


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