The History and Evolution of CBD Edibles

The History and Evolution of CBD Edibles

CBD has been in human society for as long as cannabis has existed. From its origins in East Asia thousands of years ago to the many different strains that exist today, cannabis has been developed through generations of selective growth into something eminently useful to modern society. Perhaps the clearest example of these developments has been the modern revolution in CBD products. These hemp-derived supplements, focused on delivering the effects of cannabidiol and notably lacking the problematic THC, have opened up CBD to a wider audience than ever before.


With CBD now going more mainstream, edibles and gummies in particular have come to the forefront of the conversation. Recognizable, easy to dose and easier to take, CBD gummies enjoy an unrivalled popularity within the CBD market. We spoke with people at Orange County CBD to find out exactly what the story of CBD edibles is.


The rise of CBD edibles


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CBD edibles are one of the most intuitive forms of CBD products, taking a process that is universal in the human experience and using it to support CBD dosing. By definition a CBD edible is any kind of CBD that uses ingestion as its primary dosing method. These edibles essentially came about as soon as cannabis itself was identified as a useful substance, with historical evidence pointing to practices involving cannabis edibles in India dating back over four thousand years.


Once we were able to refine CBD into distinct extracts, notably those high in cannabidiol and low in THC, we saw true CBD edibles appear. To begin with this was achieved through adding a CBD extract to simple recipes, often baked goods but also savoury foods and drinks. As our manufacturing capabilities improved and the development of modern preservatives allowed for the greater commercial trade of foodstuffs, the selection of edibles only got bigger and better.


The modern breakout of CBD edibles has given us a wealth of products, from brownies and cookies to capsules and cola. At the very head of them all have been CBD gummies. With the flexibility of conventional gummy sweets, being adaptable to a huge range of shapes, flavours and colours, they also act as an effective CBD carrier. Longer lasting than traditional baked goods, easier to package and transport and to say nothing of their discretion, CBD gummies have earned their place at the forefront of the modern CBD market.


How do cannabidiol infused edibles work?


CBD edibles work the same way all CBD products do, just taking a slightly different route. CBD interacts with the human body via the endocannabinoid system, a series of receptors found on organs and tissue all throughout our bodies. When they bind with these receptors they mimic the effect of naturally occurring cannabinoids that already exist within the body, producing the relaxing sensation synonymous with CBD use.


Some CBD products, such as sublingual oils, will use capillaries in the mouth to enter the bloodstream, spreading this effect quickly and intensely throughout the body. CBD topicals meanwhile use hair follicles to enter just below the skin, allowing them to deliver targeted effects relatively slowly and limited to the area where it is applied.


CBD edibles sit comfortably in the middle, providing a relatively strong and long-lasting effect throughout the body in a moderate amount of time. This is because CBD edibles first have to pass through the digestive system before they take effect, giving them what is referred to as a low bioavailability. This means the effects of a CBD edible can be felt anywhere from ten minutes to an hour after ingestion, with a moderate dose expected to last several hours. This has given CBD edibles an eminent appeal to those who prefer their doses less-intense and longer-lasting, providing a more mellow experience that persists for a comfortable length.


Choosing the right CBD edibles for you


For a skilled manufacturer CBD edibles are relatively straightforward to make, one reason why they have become so prolific. The downside to this is that the modern market is absolutely overflowing with CBD edibles, some of which fall short in quality. Although recent FSA regulations have raised the standard of CBD edibles in the UK, the sheer range in choice can be overwhelming, particularly for those new to the world of CBD.



One of the most important factors in choosing the right CBD edible is finding a reliable manufacturer. Any legitimate UK CBD manufacturer will be a member of the Cannabis Trade Association, an opt-in advisory body that helps facilitate productive growth between CBD manufacturers and the UKm government. As well as this, a reliable CBD manufacturer will frequently test their products for quality in a 3rd part lab, the results of which should be easily accessible for the customer.


Orange County CBD does all of this, proudly announcing their membership with the CTA as well as providing QR codes on the packaging of every product that links to the relevant lab report. Their CBD gummies cover an incredible range of shapes and flavours, from rings and worms to bears, bottles, buttons, strawberries and cherries. Available in a range of strengths and in smaller grab-bags for those who want to try without committing to a full tub, Orange County CBD is an excellent choice for both CBD newcomers and those with years of experience.


How many will I need?


The key thing to remember with dosing CBD edibles is patience. Once you have found a reliable manufacturer, figuring out the right strength and quantity for you will be a matter of experimentation.



Everyone reacts to CBD differently based on a wide range of bodily factors, with everything from personal metabolism to whether you’ve eaten anything recently determining how a CBD gummy will affect you. We always recommend starting small, taking a lower dose of CBD gummies and allowing the full length of time for its effects to be felt before taking any more. Although not dangerous, this will prevent any unpleasant side effects and let you increase your dose slowly over time, helping to ensure that your CBD experience is as good as possible.


The future of CBD edibles


Despite changes in legislation and the impact of Covid-19, CBD continues to rise in popularity all over the world. The story of CBD edibles has come a long way, from people first mixing cannabis with basic food and drink, through the iconic edibles of the last century, all the way to our modern refined CBD products. Stronger, cheaper and safer than ever before, CBD edibles are here to stay.


Today CBD edibles are as prolific in the UK as any other CBD product. Carried in health stores, sports centers, online shopfronts and even some supermarkets, CBD edibles can be found with greater ease than ever before. With companies like Orange County CBD dedicated to consistently expanding their range of CBD gummies and edibles, this success will only get greater in the coming years.


With their success in the modern world indisputably proven, the story of CBD edibles is sure to continue on into a bright future.


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