The Health Benefits of Cannabis

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The Health Benefits of Cannabis

By Amy B.

We write a lot about cannabis studies, especially those related to health. While these studies are interesting in and of themselves, a recent article from Green Growth Brands contextualizes what these studies mean to the nascent medical weed market.

GGB points out that while retail cannabis is certain to blossom in the wake of legalization, anyone considering a cannabis investment should educate themselves with these studies, so they are able to identify niche (albeit, massive niche) opportunities.

We’ve recently written about studies that indicate cannabinoids may inhibit tumor growth in triple negative breast cancer, and that they can be used to treat prostate cancer, and these are just two examples of the countless reports that keep rolling in.

These findings mean great things for people suffering from an array of conditions, as they indicate a move toward acceptance of marijuana as a useful medical aid, rather than a stigmatized drug. And as GGB points out, these same studies mean great things to investors, especially millennials, who veer toward socially conscious stocks when investing.

It’s a self-perpetuating process whereby a steady stream of studies draws attention from the investment community, whose influx of capital funds more studies and helps to make medicinal products available to those who will benefit from them.

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While this concept has played out in various industries before, within the cannabis sector, it gives long-time users a jump, either as sufferers of chronic illnesses, or potential investors.

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