The Direct Correlation Between CBDa Use and a Relaxed State of Mind

The Direct Correlation Between CBDa Use and a Relaxed State of Mind

According to a recent poll by the American Psychiatric Association, many Americans are anticipating that 2023 will be a stressful year. The economy, which is rumored to be headed toward a recession, is one factor contributing to a heightened sense of anxiety. Job security is also a concern, as many companies have begun resorting to layoffs as a way of controlling costs. Zooming in, many people also have unique relational and health concerns to add to the stressors happening on a macro level.


To cope with the stress, a growing number of people are turning to CBDa. The parent compound of CBD, CBDa has come to be known as a natural tool for inducing a relaxed state of mind, making it a crucial component of CBD oil for pain, sleep, and anxiety. 


“There is nothing more important than our physical, mental, and emotional wellness,” says Inesa Ponomariovaite, Founder and CEO of Nesas Hemp. “Achieving that wellness gives you the energy to take on life’s challenges and the peace to rest in spite of stress. Good health involves finding balance in every aspect of life, from stress management to nutrition to exercise. CBDa has been shown to play a powerful role in enabling users to achieve that balance.”

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Nesas Hemp is a dominant player in the CBDa hemp oil industry that developed from Inesa’s quest to find an elite product that was 100 percent organic and extracted without chemicals, solvents, or heavy metals. When her search for such a product failed, she decided to create it herself. The result of her work is the first-ever full-spectrum CBDa Hemp Oil.


The correlation between CBDa and stress relief


To understand the potential that CBDa has for stress relief, it is helpful to understand the way in which the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) functions. The ECS plays a central role in empowering homeostasis, which is a state of balance necessary for optimal health. 


“The ECS is a system of receptors found in the brain and body that is commonly known as the body’s master regulatory system,” Inesa explains. “It ensures that the body functions optimally, regulating things like appetite and digestion, temperature, immune function, inflammation, motor control, mood, memory, sleep, and pain and pleasure response. It interacts with nearly all other bodily systems to keep the body in a healthy state of homeostasis.”


To keep the body’s systems in balance, the ECS releases natural endocannabinoids to connect with the body’s cannabinoid receptors. These trigger healthy adjustments, such as regulating the body’s temperature, revving up its immune function, or restoring its calm. Once the adjustments are made, the ECS releases FAAH enzymes to break down the endocannabinoids and end the adjustment.


Anandamide is an endocannabinoid that plays a role in regulating calm in the body. Sometimes known as the “bliss molecule,” anandamide triggers a feeling of happiness that assists the body in dealing with stress. Once balance is achieved by restoring calm, the FAAH enzyme moves in to break down anandamide.


One of the ways that CBDa interacts with the body’s ECS is by inhibiting the FAAH enzyme from breaking down endocannabinoids. In the case of anandamide, CBDa works to allow the “bliss molecule” to have a more pronounced effect. In essence, CBDa allows the body to have a more impactful response to stress, resulting in a more relaxed state of mind.


A holistic approach to stress relief


In addition to extending the effect of anandamide, CBDa provides a variety of other health benefits that can serve to reduce stress. Chronic pain, which can contribute to stress, has been shown to be positively affected by CBD oil. Studies have also indicated that using pure CBD oil can help to improve the quality of sleep.


“Making sure that you are getting enough restorative sleep will provide major benefits for your overall health,” Inesa shares. “When you are sleep deprived, it can lead to a number of conditions, including headaches, mood swings, and weakened immunity. CBDa can help to improve sleep quality by encouraging deeper, more restful sleep. As a result, you wake feeling refreshed, energized, and less stressed.”


Stress left unaddressed can result in serious health consequences. The best options for managing it will leverage the body’s natural systems without causing harmful side effects. CBDa stands as an effective option that naturally promotes overall wellness and a relaxed state of mind.    


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