The Difference Stages of Cannabis Plant Growth

The Difference Stages of Cannabis Plant Growth

Cannabis is a topic of great interest to a lot of us, and understandably so. The magic herb has so many benefits and effects on people that it naturally becomes the center of curiosity. There are pleasant highs, medicinal characteristics, and so many uses of the cannabis plant, that it makes for a great time exploring it.


Over the past few recent years, the legalization of marijuana has come into effect over several cities of the world. Due to this, its plantation is also becoming a part of lifestyles. People, lucky enough to be able to grow it, have embraced the opportunity to have a plant of cannabis at their homes. But there are a lot of questions surrounding the growth of Cannabis plants. Growers are often confused about whether it is the right time to harvest their cannabis. They often ask if their marijuana flowering correctly. A little insight into the growth stages of this plant can clear all the confusion surrounding it.


Here are the four important growth stages of the Cannabis plant.

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The Germination Time: First Two Weeks


The germination time of the cannabis seeds is around 9-14 days. Ideally, when planting the seeds, do make sure that they feel hard in your hand and are not wet with moisture. It is an important stage of growing cannabis, be mindful that you use the best-feminized seeds available. They are readily available at online dispensary Canada and many other countries. The seeds with a green appearance are unlikely to produce good results.


During the first 14 days, one must ensure that the plant spends at least sixteen hours under the sunlight. Once you see the signs of germination in your plant, it is a good time to find a place for it in the soil. Here it can grow big and strong.


Stage of Seedling: Week Three


The seedling is the stage at which the cannabis plant starts to form its appearance that we associate it with. The stage comes by the end of the second week and goes on for 7-8 days. It requires the same sixteen hours of light under the Sun, just as during the germination time.


The leaves during this stage start developing into their beautiful shapes. However, only a few blades show up on them. The best way to know whether the plant is developing in the right way is by noticing the color of the leaves during this stage. The colors of leaves should have a lively green shade of color to them.


Plant Enters the State of Vegetation: Week Seven


Week three to week seven is the time for the plant to enter the vegetative state. At this point, the plant can do without longer periods in the sunlight. However, you can choose to provide it in direct sunlight by keeping it indoors.


The biggest changes in your plant show up during these weeks only. The plant at this stage is ready to move to a pot of larger size. It is good to increase the water in the plant gradually during this stage. Ensure that you water the plant not only close around the stalk but also in the surrounding regions. Factors like soil pH and the nutrients in it are also crucial for your plant to come out good. Check the nitrogen levels in your soil and make sure that it is not deficient. During the middle of this stage, the reproductive parts of the plants will also start appearing. It will help you determine and segregate the male ones from the females.


Time to Flower: Week Eight


Enter week eight into growing cannabis, and your plant is all set to flower. Get it some light for no less than 12 hours a day. It is the ultimate stage of the development of your cannabis plant. The beautiful buds develop at their prime on the plant during this time. The most popular strains that people love growing have this timeline of flowering. However, there are hacks of making your flower grow earlier than it should by cutting down the in-light time to near-about 13 hours each day. Try boosting the growth of your plant using phosphorus in your soil during the flowering times.


The right time to get the buds for use from the plant is when they stop growing after the plant has hit the flowering stage. Once you harvest them, they are ready to be used in your joints, disposable vape pens as dry herbs, edibles, and in many other ways.


It is indeed a great feeling to see your efforts bloom in the shape of your cannabis plants. We hope we were able to help you out with the information regarding it in this post. Happy growing!


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